From Darkness to Light: Lamar Odom Wrote a Tell All [VIDEO]

Lamar Odom is now confessing with his mouth and bringing forth ‘From Darkness To Light’.

Lamar Odom has written a memoir that not only spills tea on his marriage to the Kardashian family, but he also reveals the story that led to the path of drugs and almost losing.

Lamar Odom gives a picture of what went wrong in his life that started back in Queens way before meeting the Kardashians in an interview he talks about how watching his mother endure cancer, his father being a heroin addict, childhood molestation and loosing a child.

Lamar also in a separate interview says that Khloe deserves better than Tristan Thompson and that he still loves her.

Take a look at what Lamar Odom had to say below.


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