Cardi B Reveals She Thought She Was Going To Jail For Mic Throwing Incident [VIDEO]

Cardi B Reveals She Thought She Was Going To Jail For Throwing Her Mic [VIDEO]

The trend on social media over the summer has been people cutting up at music concerts.  Concertgoers actually pay a lot of money for a ticket then think it’s cool to throw objects at the artist.  Not objects like the customary panties but objects that have actually harmed some artist.

Back in July Cardi B in the middle of singing her 2018 hit Bodak Yellow, someone showered Cardi B in the face from a cup in the audience.  Cardi B responded by throwing her mic at them.

Cardi B didn’t nor hadn’t had much to say publicly about the incident, until now when she revealed during a recent interview that she thought she was going to jail for clocking the so called fan with a mic.

When asked about the incident Cardi B had this to say:

“It was really, like, a quick reaction,” “And let me tell you motherfuckers, I didn’t wanna address it because I thought [I] was going to jail but I’m not….“This bitch threw water and ice on my face so I just automatically reacted,”

Take a look at the video below



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