Cardi B Clocks Concertgoer With A Mic For Throwing A Drink At Her [VIDEO]

Cardi B Can Show A Concertgoer Throwing Stuff Better Then She Can Tell Them [VIDEO]

The latest trend on social media has been people cutting up at music concerts.  Concertgoers actually pay a lot of money for a ticket then think it’s cool to throw objects at the artist.  Not objects like the customary panties but objects that have actually harmed some artist.

Many artist have been even taking a pause during shows to give a warning about throwing things on the stage.  Well everybody’s favorite female rapper Cardi B, that has always kept all things a buck, during a recent show, took the I can show you better then I can tell you approach to a concert goer who threw a drink at her during a performance.

In the middle of singing her 2018 hit Bodak Yellow, a spray of liquid is seen hitting Cardi B in the face from a a cup in the audience.  Cardi appears shocked for a brief second before throwing her microphone at the concertgoer in the audience.  Cardi B then straitened her wig up and continued on while security went to swoop the concert goer.

Take a look at the video of the incident below




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