ASAP Rocky Has Been Found Guilty, However No Jail Time [VIDEO]

This just in rapper ASAP Rocky has been found guilty by the Swedish court, however he will not have to serve anymore time in jail.

The court was able to find ASAP Rocky guilty of being involved in fight with an alleged stalking heckler that according to team ASAP Rocky attacked them first however the part of the alleged attack that was considered a much harsher punishable crime involved a bottle being used, which the prosecutors could not prove beyond a shadow of a doubt was used by ASAP Rocky. Therefore no additional time served was needed in the whole matter.

ASAP Rocky did spend a month in a Swedish jail waiting to have his day in court following a street fight. Team West/Kardashian went to president Trump to help the rapper but Trumps hand was slapped down by the Swedish government when they said they don’t involve themselves in local matters.

Check out the video below


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