Meek Mill’s Story of Justice Reform Premieres On Amazon ‘Free Meek’

God never put’s more on us than we can handle, and life is about what we do with that thing that was put on us.  In the case of Meek Mill his trials and tribulations from a youthful mistake that had been made punishable unfairly and not giving room for change by a justice system […]

Grant Hill Say’s Trump’s Attacks Are Unconscionable !! [VIDEO]

Former NBA great and husband of R&B singer Tamia, Grant Hill, sat down with CNN’s Van Jones and talked about President Trumps most resent attacks on the city of Baltimore. And Grant Hill kicked some serious eloquent knowledge on the presidents hateration words. President Trump recently made comments attacking U.S. Representative for Maryland’s 7th congressional […]

Why a Young Black Brotha Say’s He Will Still Vote For Trump!?

With all that has gone on with President Trump’s reckless Tweet’s you will find it amazing that people of color are still willing to support him. CNN’s Van Jones went to Pennsylvania to ask some voters first who voted for Trump then who will vote for him again. Shockingly enough a young brotha said not […]

Van Jones Say’s Trump’s S.O.U Speech Was ‘Psychotically Incoherent’ [VIDEO]

Some of you might to have known it but last night at 9:00 pm on BET ‘AMERICAN SOUL’ the story about Soul Train premiered.  We had options on what we viewed and/or chose to receive or television entertainment last night.  But for some they chose to watch President Donald Trumps State of The Union Address.   […]

Family of Kalief Browder Wins $3.3 Million From NY…But [VIDEO]

New York City will pay $3 million to the family of Kalief Browder.  Browder was 16 years old when he was arrested and accused of robbing a man in 2010, a crime he denied committing.  He spent three years in Rikers Island, half of that time in solitary confinement, without being convicted and awaiting a […]

Jay-Z and Meek Mill Have Teamed Up To Bring Reform To The Justice System [VIDEO]

Rappers Jay-Z and Meek Mills have come together bring about change by means of something other than a rap collaboration. The company ‘Reform Alliance’, with a huge financial backing, was launched today by Jay-Z and Meek Mills along with others to bring reform to the current criminal justice system. The purpose/goal of ‘Reform Alliance’ is […]

NBC & FOX Remove Racist Trump Commercial [VIDEO]

Today’s midterm elections are critical to our way of life. FOX has been a long running Republican and Trump supporter up until this past weekend, when even they felt Trump’s support commercial went too far. Trumps racist tone commercial was removed from NBC and FOX. Go VOTE then Check out the video here View this […]

Kim Kardashian West Talks About The Freeing Of Alice Marie Johnson [VIDEO]

Kim Kardashian West says she broke the news to Alice Marie Johnson, that she would be freed while in tears on the phone. Check out the video here

CNN’s Van Jones Teams Up With White House To Tackle Prison Reform [VIDEO]

CNN’s Van Jones is teaming up with senior adviser to President Trump, Jared Kushner, to take on prison reform. Check out the video here

Jennifer Hudson Talks How Gun Violence Can Affect Anybody – “March For Our Lives” [VIDEO]

Singer Jennifer Hudson, who lost family members to gun violence, spoke with CNN’s Van Jones about how gun violence affect anyone and what she hopes people will take/took away from the “March for Our Lives.” Check out the video here