‘The Light’ Rapper/Activist Common Talks To Sam Sylk [VIDEO]

Academy Award, Grammy winner, rapper Common has came from the Cotton Club in Chicago on Tuesday nights doing free style for free is now one of the 50 greatest rappers of all time.  But not only that ‘The Light’, Common, is one of the top actors, writers, and philanthropist of our times. The multicasted and blessed […]

Dayton Mass Shooter Kept A Hit List & Rape List!?

Gunman 24-year-old Connor Betts borrowed his parents car, and he along with his sister and her friend went downtown Dayton. According to reports they split up once downtown. Connor Betts then opened fired on innocent people killing 9 and one of those people was his own sister. What sparked this massacre is still unclear to […]

Trump Send Prayers To The Lives Lost In TOLEDO!!??

Everyone makes mistakes, however when it comes to something as heinous as what happened to the innocent people that lost their lives lost this past weekend in Dayton, OH as well as their families that are hurting this morning, looking for comfort in some kind of way, then the President of The United States, Donald […]

Dayton Shooter Suspect: Connor Betts Dead, His Sister 1 of The 9 Killed

Here is the update from a press conference given by the city of Dayton, Ohio in regards to the deadly mass shooting that happened early this morning killing 9 and injuring at least 27 people before police killed the suspect. The shooting took place Downtown in Dayton’s Oregon District, a collection of bars, restaurants and […]

13 Hours of Blood Shed, 29 Dead: What Is Trump Responsibility? [VIDEO]

The mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and in Dayton, Ohio that started at a Walmart yesterday morning continued for 13 hours leaving at least 53 injured and 29 dead.  A day of senseless blood shed that have left countless in grief, morning and fear, searching for answers why in 2019 do innocent people have […]

Prayers: Mass Shootings Leave 29 Dead in El Paso and Ohio [VIDEO]

Hours after a mass shooting in El Paso Texas, another mass shooting took place outside of a bar in Dayton, Ohio. 911 took less than a minute to respond shooting and killing the shooter. Here is what we know so far:   A white male in his 20’s from the Dayton area opened fire on […]

Senator Sandra Williams Talks Ohio 10.5 Cent Gas Tax Increase Live

As if gas prices were not high enough, brothers and sisters of Ohio they are saying if you want those mini wadding pools that have been plaguing the streets and highways fixed, you are going to have to render a little something extra at the gas pump to Caesar. According to FOX19 this is what […]

Tamar Gave Kandi A Dungeon Style Birthday Gift In Cleveland [VIDEO]

Cleveland, Ohio welcomed RHOA/singer from Xscape, Kandi Burruss and her Kandi Koated Entertainment: Welcome to the Dungeon Tour last night at the Agora Theatre. While Kandi Burruss was in town last night she tried to track down Cleveland’s own Erika Kayne and kick off her birthday weekend celebration that will have the grand birthday finally […]

Live On The Sam Sylk Show: Ban on Abortions After 1st Heartbeat !?

It is being reported that the twice vetoed ban on abortions after 1st heartbeat is being sent to the governor and that it will more than likely be signed by Republican Governor Mike Dewine. Five other states have now passed similar bans, Mississippi, Kentucky and Georgia, two Iowa and North Carolina, have been blocked by […]

Teen Lured Outside By Friend Another Shoots Her In The Head!!??

Prayers are in order as it is being reported that 14 year old Sylvia McGee from Canton Ohio, was allegedly lured outside by another teenager that she thought was her best friend.  When she got outside allegedly another teenager shot Sylvia in the back of the head. Police will not confirm any details about the incident, […]