WTH Is Happening !? 50 Cent Wants Custody Of His Son And Stevie J Is Calling Him Out [VIDEO]

WTH Is Happening !?  50 Cent Wants Custody Of His Son And Stevie J Is Calling Him Out [VIDEO]

Sides are being taken and lines are being drawn in the sand following Diddy’s Los Angels and Miami homes being raided.

Diddy’s houses got raid by the feds the other day in what Diddy’s legal team calls a witch hunt, while outlets are reporting that it was due to a possible ongoing sex trafficking investigation.  Much like a hurricane it has grown from a tropical storm to a larger then life storm that is sucking in everyone around Diddy.

According to Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones’ $30 million lawsuit against Combs, that was amended on Monday, Diddy’s ex-girlfriend Yung Miami and 50 Cent’s baby mama Daphne Joy  are being accused of transporting an illicit, pink drug for him in a newly amended civil lawsuit against the hip-hop mogul.

It’s since been reported that 50 Cent who isn’t a fan of Diddy, caught wind of his ex Daphne Joy being involved so he has allegedly filed for sole custody of their son, Sire Jackson.

Daphne Joy responded to 50 Cents alleged action on social media 

“I am deeply hurt by the lies in Rodney Jones’ lawsuit.  The claim that I am a sex worker is 100% false and character assassination. I am retaining an attorney to explore all legal remedies against both Rodney and his attorney”

Then Daphne let all the tea flow in a post accusing 50 Cent of rape and physical abuse.

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Then the next thing you know producer/reality star Stevie J is calling out 50 Cent on IG via a video. (see below)

This all sounds like a bad remix to Kanye West’s ‘All Falls Down’



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