Woman Confronts Dr. Umar Johnson On Stage, He Say’s “Who Is This Queen” [VIDEO]

Dr. Umar Confronted By Unknown Woman Who Says She Was With Him ‘Last Night’ [VIDEO]

How are these earth disturbers getting past security!?

Activist Dr. Umar Johnson recently made an appearance in Atlanta, when he was interrupted by a woman who decided to bum-rush the stage yelling at him.  Dr. Umar  looked at the woman asking “who is this queen?”  

The woman answered for her self stating “I was with you last night.”

Dr. Umar Johnson reply was hell nah, to the nah, nah, nah, “I have never seen you in my life” 

“I’m going to keep speaking. I ain’t never seen this sister a day in my life.”

The Queen was then dragged out of what she thought was going to be her throne by security.  Unfortunately the whole seen was caught on video that has been posted on social media.

For those that are not familiar with Dr. Umar Johnson, he is an activist, social media personality, school psychologist, motivational speaker and activist aiming to improve his community.  Dr Umar is also considered a controversial figure, and a Pan-Africanist who condemns homosexuality and interracial marriage.

See video below.



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