Virginia Teacher That Was Shot By 6 Year Old Speaks [VIDEO]

Virginia Teacher That Was Shot By 6 Year Old Speaks

Fresh off the Christmas Holiday break from school, on January 6th (which coincidentally was the 1 year anniversary of the insurrection on The Capital), a 6 year old walked into Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, Virginia, went to class with a gun on him.  A gun that he eventually took out and shot his teacher.

This week, Abigail Zwerner, the educator wounded by the student, sat down with NBC to discuss the incident.

Abigail Zwerner was shot in her hand before the bullet ended up in her chest, a spot where fragments from the bullet still remain.  Not knowing what was going to happen next, Abigail Zwerner with a bullet in her, knew her next move was to save the children that were in possible harms way.   Abigail Zwerner was able to get the babies to safety just before her lung collapsed and she passed out.  Abigail Zwerner who was released from the hospital last month, has undergone four surgeries since that horrifying day still has not regained full use of her hand.

According to  Newport News Commonwealth’s Attorney Howard Gwynn, the 6 year old boy who allegedly shot Abigail Zwerner will not be criminally charged.

Take a look at the video below.




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