Vince Herbert Had To Check Tamar’s Now Ex David Adefeso !?

Vince Herbert Had To Check Tamar’s Now Ex David Adefeso !?

Vince Herbert, Tamar Braxton’s, ex-husband/husbandger/baby daddy, has been quiet during this on going drama between the reality star/singer and her fiancé’ David Adefeso, but after things got real with restraining orders filed by Adefeso after he posted a video allegedly being on vacation with Herbert and Braxton’s son, Logan, Vince had to do a don’t let the smooth taste fool you, and checked David via text, allegedly.

David Adefeso included text messages between him and Vince in a court document, kind of sounding like he was trying to Kumbaya with Vince. However Vince had to let David know, like, look bruh, he was only responding as a courtesy, pack up my child and his mothers stuff neatly and I will have their belongings picked up, furthermore have several seats when it comes to trying to disrespect my baby mama and you will not be around my son after that foolishness you was on, Oh BTW don’t lie on my living legend ex-sister-in-law either.  This is to paraphrase the alleged text that Vince sent David.

Vince’s Text

“Thank you David, I only called you and Texted you today as a courtesy call because you told me you would provide a time to pick up all of Tamar and Logan’s belongings. I didn’t hear from you so I can arrange my schedule.

Please know that after the stunt you pulled on Saturday you seeing my son is absolutely out of the question. You used a 7 year old boy and his emotions for your own publicity stunt. Never again will you be alone with him for any reason. You used Tamar’s love and trust for you and manipulated time with Logan to use him for your Instagram and likes…

We are not friends. And we will never be after hearing how you …”

If you are a fan of The Braxton Family Values you can hear Vince’s voice while reading it.

We are praying for this situation to end peacefully.

To see and hear the alleged text message exchange blow by blow check out the video below.


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