Tyrese And DJ Envy Debate Outreach And Extending Grace [VIDEO]

Tyrese And DJ Envy Debate Outreach And Extending Grace [VIDEO]

Breakfast was really interesting today on The Breakfast Club when singer/actor stopped by on his ‘apology tour’ while in the midst of a somewhat messy divorce..

Things got real transparent going from entertainment to personal when Tyrese posed the question as to why his divorce was funny when he was there for DJ Envy when he was going through a ruff patch with his wife, why wasn’t he extended the same grace that he extended him.  According to Tyrese he was taking some psych meds at some point and he doesn’t remember the things that he may have done to offend people however he thinks it was convenient for DJ Envy to use his behavior as an excuse to avoid him when according to Tyrese he never abandoned DJ Envy.

“How convenient for you to step back. I never stepped back from you.”- Tyrese

That’s when DJ Envy gave Tyrese his whole raw truth.

“You’re right, but I never talked to your wife in a disrespectful manner,…And you talked to mine in a disrespectful manner. And I never told nobody that… But as a man, some of the things that you said deserved me to box your mouth….To the point where my wife doesn’t even call you back anymore… So that was the reason I stopped talking to you and wouldn’t reach out to you anymore. I’m like, ‘I don’t want to remember my brother as that.’”

Although this was Tyrese’s ‘apology tour’ no apology was given from the heated dialogue that received.

Take a look at the video below



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