Two of Jonathan Majors Exes Have Come Forward Accusing Him of Abuse

Two of Jonathan Majors Exes Have Come Forward Accusing Him of Abuse

When it rains, it pours, when there is one, more follow.  Jonathan Majors while dealing with Hollywood cancel culture following of misdemeanor assault in the third degree, recklessly causing physical injury, as well as harassment in the second degree in a domestic violence case related to an alleged fight between him and former girlfriend Grace Jabbari in New York City in March 2023.  Two more exes has come out accusing the actor of abuse.

According to Rolling Stone, the women, Emma Duncan and Maura Hooper spoke exclusively with the New York Times about the alleged abuse.

‘Emma claims that on multiple occasions the actor was physically violent with her. During one alleged fight in July 2016, Johnathan allegedly choked Emma, “threw her body across the room” and threatened he was “going to make sure you can’t have children.”

Maura Hooper claims , he was seriously controlling and that she “was not allowed to speak to anyone about their relationship.” Majors’ attorney Priya Chaudhry said Majors was “young and insecure” during that time period and “is embarrassed by some of his jealous behavior.”

All off this following Jonathan Majors’ sentencing in his New York domestic violence case was pushed back Tuesday. 

Jonathan Majors is denying all claims.

The biggest question is, where is Meagan Good!?



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