Trump Concedes To Jesus !? [VIDEO]

Trump Concedes To Jesus !?  [VIDEO]

Lawd it ain’t nothin but the devil. There something about about the name of Jesus…who would even speak their name in comparison to anything near like Jesus?

Donald Trump, just in time for the Bible Belt.

While visiting North Carolina, Donald Trump decided to enlighten folks with a revelation by telling them that someone once told him the he was the most famous person in the world by far, however the Christian in him wouldn’t allow Trump to accept that title as he continued on with his story, according to Trump the person insisted that he was the most famous, but Trump said no. The person then asked, then who is more famous than you? Donald Trumps answer…Jesus Christ. And then the crowd went wild. SMH!!

Be sure to vote early, November 3rd is just 3 weeks away.

see video below


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