Paul Pierce Drops The ‘N’ Word Live On Air [VIDEO]

Paul Pierce Drops The ‘N’ Word Live On Air [VIDEO]

It used to be a time that using the ‘N’ word was forbidden.  Then as ugly as a word it is, especially where it comes from, people began using it as a term of endearment almost.  The ‘N’ once put on wax was then being used by a the young white Hip Hop culture fans which always leads to fights then debates on if the word should be used, if so by whom.  What ever the case the ‘N’ never belongs on a live broadcast.

Former NBA player turned sports analyst, Paul Pierce, may be retiring from another profession after bringing language that might be used behind closed doors or in the streets to live television.  

‘Undisputed’ analyst Paul Pierce while discussing Sunday’s New York Knicks loss to the Indiana Pacers with co-hosts Skip Bayless and Keyshawn Johnson, dropped the ‘N’ word effortlessly while on live television. Co-host Skip Bayless stared at his colleague for a few seconds, seemingly wondering if he’d heard him right.

It’s days like this that I bet you, Skip Bayless, is praying for a way to get Shannon Sharpe back.

Take a look at the video below




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