New COVID Variant Omicron Being Reported [VIDEO]

New COVID Variant Omicron Being Reported [VIDEO]

We are heading into 2 years of the COVID-19 pandemic with debates of how to proceed in our new norm, with continuing to wear masks, social distancing and the biggest debate of all vaccinations which has some willing to lose their jobs opposed to getting vaccinated.  As we debate COVID has evolved in recent months to a new more contagious and deadlier strain the ‘Delta Variant’ causes hospitals to fill up again.  Now it’s being reported that COVID has mutated once again causing the medical world to tell people to heed their warnings as ‘Omicron’ is now dominating.

The world reacted with alarm on Friday to the highly mutated new coronavirus variant discovered in southern Africa, as the United States, the European Union and nations across the globe imposed new travel restrictions, financial markets swooned and visions of finally emerging from the pandemic started to dim.  read more

According to reports these variants are birthed from areas in the world that hasn’t been vaccinated.

Take. a look at the video below on what we know about the new Covid-19 variant known as Omicron and why its mutations are concerning scientists and health professionals.


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