Mo’Nique Said “F**k Them Kids”, Her Kid Has A Response [VIDEO]

Mo’Nique Said “F**k Them Kids”, Her Kid Has A Response [VIDEO]

It is becoming clear that there are no boundaries and no subject is off limits in comedy.

Mo’Nique opened up a strange dialogue with her eldest son that started when she had a conversation with Shannon Sharpe on the Club Shay Shay podcast.  Mo’Nique and her son either has an estranged and or strange relationship.  Her son after hearing the interview posted a video saying that he and his Oscar winning mother didn’t talk.  Mo’Nique and her husband Sidney Hicks then went live to rebuke what her son Shalon Wakins Jr. had to say about their relationship, then doubled down by posting text messages to prove they talk.  Shalon then responded by bringing it to social medias attention that the text messages where more than a couple of years old.  

So Mo’Nique then took her family drama to the comedy stage.  An 80-year-old woman said to Mo’Nique that her  60-year-old son brings up all the “f***ked* up sh**” she did when he was 10 years old whenever he doesn’t get his way. As for Shalon, Mo says the elderly woman told her “f**k that n***a.”

“And when you see your child, that you f**ked for…and you see your goddamn child get on the got damn internet and tell people sh*t you’re not and you’re supposed to take that sh*t in stride.”

“She said, ‘F**k that n***a. Now when an elderly person tell you f**k that n***a…she said you been taking care of that n***a all his motherf**king life. She said, Mo’Nique I’m 80 years old and I got a son 60 years old and every time that n***a don’t get what he wants, he still tell me how f**ked up I was when he was 10 years old. F**k that n***a.”

Shalon Watkins Jr. then responded in another video, laughing:

“Be gone Satan, I rebuke thee in the name of Jesus” 

Let’s watch the videos below and pray…SMH



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