Michael Irvin Marriott Video Has Finally Dropped [VIDEO]

Michael Irvin Marriott Video Has Finally Dropped [VIDEO]

While getting ready for the Super Bowl coverage Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin found himself in a messy storm that got him relieved of his gig and kicked out a Marriott Hotel in Arizona for alleged inappropriate behavior towards a woman at the hotel.

Michael Irvin has maintained that he didn’t do anything wrong, witnesses that night say they didn’t see anything wrong, so Michael Irvin filed a lawsuit against the hotel plus they demanded that Marriott release the surveillance tape.  Marriott tried not to release the video but a judge said that they had to give it up.  Stalled as they may, the video has dropped and the search of the harassment is jaw dropping.

Michael Irvin and the woman can be seen in the footage chatting for over a minute. Twice during their interaction, Irvin touches the woman’s elbow. A short time later, the two shake hands, and then the woman walks away. The entire interaction seemed unremarkable.

It seems like some people got a lot of explaining to do, even Michael Irvin’s employer. 

Take a look  at the video below then give us your thoughts on what you see.



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