MC Lyte’s Divorce Is Final And She Get’s To Keep Her Music Catalog

MC Lyte’s Divorce Is Final And She Get’s To Keep Her Music Catalog

Georgie Porgie puddin and pie “kissed the girls and made them cry”, but not MC Lyte.

Everybody wants to find love and that’s what Hip Hop legend, MC Lyte, had found on a dating site, when she met then married John Wyche, August of 2017 in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Sadly after 3 years of marriage the 52 year old, Grammy Award winning rapper, MC Lyte, has found herself in divorce court due to “irreconcilable differences”.

You would think that since 1988, MC Lyte has been rockin the party that rocks your body, her music catalog wouldn’t even be a topic of discussion in a divorce.  But thank God for a prenup, that the courts say will be upheld.

John Wyche tried to hold up the divorce train put the Lyte kept pushing through.

According to court records:

“MC Lyte keeps her clothing, jewelry, watches, and personal effects in her possession, custody, or control, and earnings and accumulations before the date of marriage, during the marriage, and post-separation, her Subaru, financial accounts in her name, all furniture, furnishings, and other personal property in her possession, custody, or control.  She also gets to keep her term life insurance policy.”

Don’t fret fans the Queen of voiceover, MC Lyte is not lonely, she has already moved on, recently MC Lyte posted a photo of her and her new man, boo’d up, with the caption reading,  “This is Winning. 2023. . . I’m ready.”  and the unknown brotha man is fine too.  (see her post below)



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