Georgia Policeman Fired For Beating Man Caught on Video

Georgia Policeman Fired For Beating Man Caught on Video

A video went viral of a man being severely beaten by a policeman in Georgia while another was holding the man as well. Not many detail were known then, however it now being reported the mans name who was, what happened prior to the tape rolling and the officer that beat him is no longer an officer.

According to reports Roderick Walker and two other men were riding in a Lyft when it was pulled over because his tail light was out. When officers asked the driver for his license he couldn’t produce one, that’s when the officers asked the riders for their ID. The passenger wanted to know why they had to show ID and that’s when the fight broke out.

Roderick Walker ended up in an orange jump suit severely beaten (see photo below) with one eye almost swollen shut but the officer that laid hands on him was terminated immediately.

According to a statement from Clayton County Sheriff’s Office:

“The Deputy who repeatedly struck Roderick Walker is being terminated from the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office by order of Sheriff Victor Hill for excessive use of force,”

We would only hope that charges be filed against the officer as well as a civil suit to follow.



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