Exclusive: Comedian Earthquake Spilled Major TEA to Sam Sylk [VIDEO]

This story is a Cleveland, OHIO, Sam Sylk Show exclusive!! Comedian Earthquake has some major fraudulent baby mama drama going down in The Land, so he came to his home boi, Sam Sylk, host of the Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK to spill his own tea about the woman to woman conversation he had on Father’s Day. 

Comedian Earthquake is scheduled to be at the Cleveland Improv all weekend long.  However all week long he has been promoting that not only will he be at the Cleveland Improv (one of his favorite places to perform) but he also has a story to tell and when the plane touched down at Cleveland Hopkins he was going to tell it.

According to Comedian/Actor, Earthquake, who played Uncle Mike on ‘Everybody Hates Chris’, he frequented The Land, decided to play doctor with a nurse and the nurse became pregnant.  That’s not a big deal, right?  However the nurse had the baby named it after the Earthquakes mother, gave it Earthquakes government last name, had Earthquake set them up nice now and the child financially for it’s future, only for her to go ghost.  What happened?  The nurse’s new man called Earthquake on Fathers Day to shake his foundation by telling him that the kid he has been taking care of is not his and he had the test messages to prove it!!

This is a real live remix to Kanye West’s Goldigger song:

I know somebody payin’ child support for one of his kids His baby mama car and crib is bigger than his….and on his Eighteenth birthday he found out it wasn’t his!! 🎶 

Take a look at the complete Earthquake counterfeit baby interview exclusive heard and told on The Sam Sylk Show below.


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