Donald Trump Retweets Bill Clinton Had Something To Do With Epstein’s Death!?

Jeffrey Epstein an alleged sex trafficker that was selling off girls as young as 14 years old to his rich homies.  This wasn’t the first time he was legally called to the carpet for trafficking charges.  Jeffrey Epstein allegedly tried to kill himself weeks ago but some alleged that it was prisoners coming for him.  But this weekend authorities say they found him hanging in his cell and that it was suicide.  This reporting came before an autopsy.

Jeffrey Epstein death have left many without getting the justice they sought, and a civil case may be hindered behind his alleged suicide.  But now many are outraged because they want to know why Epstein wasn’t on suicide watch.  Others are suspicious about his death, but the biggest question does it really matter?

Why is so much attention being paid to a man that was selling underage girls?  Why is the FBI investigating?   Donald Trump is even going so far to insinuate that Bill Clinton has something to do with his death.  Didn’t Trump false vilify The Exonerated Five?

President Donald Trump retweeted

You would think the President of The United States wouldn’t have anything to publicly, say, tweet or anything else about this at all.   #IJS

Take a look at the video below and let us know your thoughts.


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