Comedian Luenell Calls Dr. Dre A ‘Notorious Woman Beater’ !? [VIDEO]

Comedian Luenell Calls Dr. Dre A ‘Notorious Woman Beater’ !?  [VIDEO]

Everyone walking this earth has a Pookie in their family, or an uncle Junior that always has on a bathrobe that hardly ever come out of his bedroom that’s on the third floor or that relative that went away to “college” (wink, wink).  Donald Trump before moving out The White House gave get away free cards to a lot of  celebrity relatives that has been away in “college” for a multitude of reasons, but the reasoning they were able to get that get out of jail free card is because of who they are and what their bank account dictates.  If anyone of us got caught out their with weapons like Lil Wayne it would be off to college you go or if we were a Kwame Kilpatrick not only would we be in college, we would have a private dorm room in the basement. 

And I believe that is what comedian Luenell was getting at when she sat down with VLAD TV in an interview and said that Dr. Dre was a ‘Notorious Woman Beater’ that should not get a pass because he created great music and is a celebrity.

Take a listen to the video below


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