Kelly Rowland Had To Check The AMA Crowd For Diss’n A Cancelled Chris Brown [VIDEO]

Kelly Rowland Had To Check The AMA Crowd For Diss’n A Cancelled Chris Brown [VIDEO]

This is the strangest thing ever.  Chris Brown was all rehearsed and set to perform at this past weekends American Music Awards paying tribute to Michael Jackson when Breezy was told they would no longer require his services with no explanation as to why.  Chris Brown then posted what we would have seen if it hadn’t been cancelled and the raw rehearsal was FIRE!!

But wait, it get’s stranger.

As irony would have it Chris Brown won a AMA for Favorite Male R&B Artist, so when Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland made the announcement of Chris Browns win during the live awards show at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday, November 20, it was followed by boo’s and that’s when Kelly Rowland had to check the crowd.

“Chris Brown is not here tonight, so I am accepting this award on his behalf. Excuse me. Chill out,”  “But I want to tell Chris — thank you so much for making great R&B music. And I want to tell him thank you for being an incredible performer. I will take this award [and] bring it to you. I love you.”

Some seem to think that the unexplained cancel culture of Chris Brown by the award shows stem from the Rihanna incident back in 2009 although Rihanna quickly forgave him, it was rumored that they even tried to get back together, she is now with her boyfriend/father of her child rapper A$AP Rocky, it seems that some fans as well as music industry people have not forgiven Chris Brown.

Take a look at the videos below then give your thoughts on the secretive cancel culture against Chris Brown.





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