I Ain’t Mad At Wendy Williams, Get Your Cougar On!? [VIDEO]

Wendy Williams has had a ruff go at it since the beginning of 2019. Now that she is going through a divorce and loss of her business partner/manager, Kevin Hunter, what better way to get back to your happy, than to hunt down a young tender and get your love roll on. Go head Wendy […]

Wendy Williams Say’s ‘There’s a Hot Place in Hell’ For Women Who…!? [VIDEO]

When Wendy Williams was talking about Ayesha Curry’s ‘Red Table Talk’ during her Hot Topics segment on The Wendy Williams Show, the viral relationship hour moment that Ayesha has been getting dragged for saying that she feels insecure about men not hitting on her because she is Steph Currys wife. Somewhere in that ‘Red Table […]

‘Pump It Up’ Star Dee Barnes Talks Being Homeless, ‘Beats’ by Dre While Being Blessed by Wendy Williams

Dee Barnes was the host of ‘Pump It Up’ back in the day until the fateful interview that changed her life forever. After conducting an interview with rapper Ice Cube after he left NWA, because Dr. Dre didn’t like what was said on the show he allegedly beat up Dee Barnes that led to her […]

Wendy Williams Speaks Out, Her Husband Now Say’s My Bad!?

Wendy Williams recently came all the way clean about how being in recovery has made her reevaluate every aspect of her life which may include her husband after his alleged cheating scandal. But sometimes in order to move on to our next chapter we have to be pushed out of our old.  Wendy is moving […]

Wendy Williams Is Moving Out Of Sober House And Moving On With Her Son [VIDEO]

Wendy Williams announced to the world and her studio audience that she had been living in a sober house getting clean from alcohol.  We are assuming that as part of the 12 step program is in full affect because Wendy sat down in her velvet chair to sip and serve tea on herself. With all […]

Wendy Williams Is Getting Sober From Her Husband Now, She Filed For Divorce!?

Wendy Williams has been having one hell of a 2019. She is battling Grave’s disease, living in a sober house battling addiction, battling the court of public opinion and media with her husband’s alleged infidelities. But I seems like Wendy Williams is getting and coming clean about everything that has been going on in her […]

Mo’Nique Hits Wendy Williams With “Karma Is Real” [VIDEO]

What goes around comes around and Karma is a motha aka b@t$h. And that’s just the message comedian/actor Mo’Nique had for talk show host Wendy Williams. Wendy Williams when she was a radio host and now on television is best known for her no holds barred way of serving tea, that has put her in […]

Wendy Williams Admits Live She Is Living In A Sober House [VIDEO]

After all the rumors swirled around TV Show Host Wendy Williams about her husband cheating and the suspicion of her using drugs during her hiatus from The Wendy Williams Show, Wendy herself let the shoe finally drop in a live from her studio audience admission. For once her Hot Topic she is discussing is herself. […]

Wendy Williams Drops The ‘N’ Bomb While Spilling Tea [VIDEO]

Television talk show host Wendy Williams can’t catch a break.  Wendy fresh back from a long alleged medical hiatus from her show is working hard to get back to her I haven’t skipped a beat, everything is all good mode, when she let the ‘N’ word slip while doing her ‘Hot Topic’s’ segment LIVE on […]

Nick Cannon Is Stepping In For Wendy Williams!?

You know that saying in Hollywood, the show must go on, well that saying is evidently being taken to heart as it is being reported that ‘Wild N Out’ star Nick Cannon will be keeping that purple velvet seat warm for Wendy Williams, as her hiatus from The Wendy Williams Show grows longer.  The news […]