Woman Licks Ice Cream Could Get 20 Years In Jail? Is That Too Harsh?

They haven’t released her name, so for reporting purposes we are going to call this person, Susie The Ice Cream Licker.   All we know is far as names for sure is that this happened at a Walmart in Texas with a pint of Blue Bell ice cream…..(in my Slick Rick Voice) so here we go […]

Black Woman Defends An Unarmed Black Man [VIDEO]

Thank GOD for a good woman and a cell phone after police surrounded a young man with their weapons drawn. A woman by the name of Sky, who’s boyfriend was killed by police observed William Ewell, 24, being apprehended for an alleged robbery-assault that took place. Ms. Sky took it upon herself to make sure […]

Viral Singer Erika Kayne Slays Steve Harvey With Jazmine Sullivan

A Master Piece of a meeting happened yesterday on The Steve Harvey Show as Cleveland, OH, bartender/singer, Erika Kayne, had the opportunity to slay the stage with the person from whom her cover of made her a viral sensation. Cleveland native Steve Harvey invited his C-Town home girl viral sensation Erika Kayne to come on his […]

Somebody Caught A Beat Down From The Easter Bunny!? [VIDEO]

What happens in Florida did not stay in Florida. Santa Claus delivers coal to you if your naughty but in Florida the Easter Bunny will serve you paws if your naughty… literally Easter Sunday evening well after church it appears that a man and woman were having a physical altercation, after according to people standing […]

Speak On It: Cardi B Went LIVE 3 Years Ago About Drugging & Robbing!? [VIDEO]

It has been reported that Cardi B is suing some bloggers for speaking non-truths about her. But now there is a video that Cardi B went LIVE on 3 years ago making it’s rounds on the internet, where she is going off about what she did back in the day to make things happen for […]

Caught On Tape: Man Arrested For Kicking 78 Year Old In The Face!!

A video went viral a few days ago of a man brutally kicking an elderly 78 year old woman in the face while riding a subway in New York City.  The attack was video taped by a passenger on the train that day and made it’s way all over social media.  By looking at the […]

Connecticut Teacher Goes On A Racist Rant In A Grocery Store !? [VIDEO]

A video went viral this weekend after a school teacher went off on a racist rant while spitting at someone in a grocery store. School teacher Corinne Terrone of New Haven, Connecticut was forced to resign after having an verbal altercation with someone in a grocery store where she repeatedly dropped the ‘N’ word, screaming […]

Russell Westbrook Went In On A Racist Fan !? [VIDEO]

After an exchange of words with a fan during the Oklahoma City Thunder’s win over the Utah Jazz basketball game on Monday night, NBA player, Russell Westbrook threatened to “f— up” a man and his wife, after the couple told Westbrook to “Get down on your knees like you used too”.   The unapologetic Russell Westbrook felt the couples […]

Hazleton, Pa. School Officer Caught Punching A Black Female Student [VIDEO]

I viral video is making it’s rounds as it appears to have caught on tape a Hazleton, PA school officer punching and pulling the hair of a 15 year old black female student. The incident occurred after two young ladies were involved in a fight.  And you know what happened next, someone uploaded the video […]

Farrell, PA School Closing Announcement Is No Diggity A Viral Video

With temperatures dropping into the record breaking negative digits, millions have gotten that automated message to let them know that the schools are closed and that it is too dangerous for their kiddos to be outside. Many parents were like, dang why!? Well a Farrell, PA principal figured out a cool way to convey the […]