Trump Give Tiger Wood’s The ‘Presidential Medal of Freedom’ !?

Tiger Woods with one of the greatest come backs in sporting history, won the 2019 Masters of golf tournament earning him his 5th coveted Green Jacket plus making him the 2nd highest winner in that tournament history.  An accomplishment that many doubted after he stepped away from golf to deal with back issues. So because […]

Maxine Waters Says Trump Is Part Of Reason For Jussie Smollett Attack!? [VIDEO]

Auntie Maxine Waters is infuriated with the attack on FOX Empire’s Jussie Smollett. The never bite her tongue on anything congresswoman say’s she knows the Smollett family personally and she loves how Jussie always makes himself available for his community. But the one thing that Maxine Waters wants people to understand is that our President […]

No Wall, No Tax Refund Checks…And More!? [VIDEO]

This government shutdown is beginning to sound like Destiny Child’s ‘No, No, No’, as things might be getting real for people that don’t even work for the government during this history long shutdown. Trump doesn’t seem to be budging on his stance for a wall and it has left many hardworking government employee’s wondering when […]

Democrats Say’s ‘NO WALL’ Then Trump Walks Out !? [VIDEO]

It is scary that the man that is the leader of the free world can throw a temper tantrum!? In a meeting in the situation room today to discuss ending the partial government shutdown. When Nancy Pelosi was asked was he, meaning Donald Trump, getting his wall? Pelosi’s answer was “NO” so Donald Trump does […]

Pharrell Not Happy About Trump Playing “Happy” & Will Sue!! [VIDEO]

Donald Trump reportedly at a rally, hours after the killings at a Pittsburgh synagogue, played Pharrell’s hit song “HAPPY” and now Pharrell is unhappy to the point where he is allegedly ordering a cease-and-desist or he is going to sue Trump. Check out the video here

Trump Asked Not To Come To Pittsburgh But Did Anyway and This Is How It Went [VIDEO]

After the horrific massacre that occurred in a Pittsburgh Synagogue over the weekend, Trump made some not so very heart warming comments. Yesterday the victims were scheduled to be memorialized, and Trump wanted to attend, the mayor said please don’t, but Trump being Trump went anyway. However the welcome from Pitt was cold. Check out […]

Why Manafort Plead Guilty and What That Means [VIDEO]

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s attorney, Kevin Downing, makes a brief statement, explains why he plead guilty. Check out the video here

OUR President Obama Unleashes on Trump!! [VIDEO]

During a speech in Illinois, Former President Barack Obama kept it all the real and went all the way in on Trump. Obama said speak as a citizen President Donald Trump is “capitalizing on resentment…” “What happened to the Republican Party?”. Check out the video here

This Is Too Funny!! Trump Supporters Plan To Boycott Kevin Hart!!?? [VIDEO]

Do you really think that if Trump supporters boycott Kevin Hart it would make a difference in his success? Well Trump supporters think their feeling matter. Check out the video here

Press Secretary ‘Can’t Guarantee’ Trump Hasn’t Used The N-word!? [VIDEO]

The busiest person in the White House, press secretary Sarah Sanders, say’s she “can’t guarantee” President Trump has never used the N-word. Check out the video here