Tank Just Killed ‘Big Rich Town’ And 50 Cent Is For It!? [VIDEO]

Ever since Sunday morning at 12:05 am the great debate has been which Starz Power theme opening is better, the one they used for 5 seasons featuring R&B singer Joe Thomas or the remix featuring Trey Songz. But appear there is a challenge going on and singer Tank has thrown his hat in the ring […]

Change Gone Come Big Rich Town: Do You Like The Original or The Remix?

Starz Power has a cult like following even down to 50 Cent’s opening theme music. We were all given a surprise at 12:05 when the theme song from Power, Big Rich Town, had been switched up after 5 seasons. The huge social media debate has been which version was better. The original Big Rich Town […]

Did Trey Songz Just Have A Baby!? [PHOTOS]

I guess Trey Songz has been singing ‘Can’t Help But Wait’ to someone privately, but the wait is over. Congratulations are in order as it was reported via his own social media, that 34 year old Tremaine Neverson, AKA singer Trey Songz, has welcomed into the world a baby boy named Noah. Take a look […]

Trey Songz Arrested For Punching A Woman!? [VIDEO]

Police say R&B singer Trey Songz has been arrested for being accused of felony domestic violence, on suspicion of punching a woman at a Los Angeles party. Trey Songz tweeted that he was being falsely accused for someone else’s personal gain. Check out the video here

Things Are Not Looking Good For Trey Songz In Court [VIDEO]

Trey Songz is getting his day in court after allegedly tearing up a Detroit concert stage however a judge ruled to allow video of Trey Songz saying F the police to be entered as evidence…check out the video here

Trey Songz New Music New Video “Animal” [WARNING VIDEO MAY BE GRAPHIC]

In spite of recent drama, Trey Songz has dropped new music and a smoking hot video…see video here

Trey Songz Is Tremaine The Playboy: A Reality Dating Show [Video Trailer]

Who better to have a reality dating show then the king pantie remover in song himself, Trey Songz. Check out the video trailer here…

More Trey Songz Drama: KeKe Palmer Accuses Him Of Sexual Intimidation [VIDEO]

Trey Songz can’t catch a break. First he was arrested for tearing up a stage and assault on a police officer after his mic was cut off for going over the time limit. Now KeKe Palmer is accusing him of sexual intimidation…see video here

Trey Songz Arrested For Assault After Mic Was Cut Off During Concert [VIDEO]

Trey Songz Arrested For Assault After Mic Was Cut Off During Concert…see videos here