Prayers Are In Order: 7 Dead In Another Mass Shooting In Texas

Prayers are in order as there has been another a mass shooting in Texas after police tried to stop a car for what seemed like a simple traffic stop. This time the shooting occurred in Odessa, Texas. When the police went to approach a car being stopped for a traffic stop around 3:00 pm the […]

Trump Send Prayers To The Lives Lost In TOLEDO!!??

Everyone makes mistakes, however when it comes to something as heinous as what happened to the innocent people that lost their lives lost this past weekend in Dayton, OH as well as their families that are hurting this morning, looking for comfort in some kind of way, then the President of The United States, Donald […]

13 Hours of Blood Shed, 29 Dead: What Is Trump Responsibility? [VIDEO]

The mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and in Dayton, Ohio that started at a Walmart yesterday morning continued for 13 hours leaving at least 53 injured and 29 dead.  A day of senseless blood shed that have left countless in grief, morning and fear, searching for answers why in 2019 do innocent people have […]

Prayers: Mass Shootings Leave 29 Dead in El Paso and Ohio [VIDEO]

Hours after a mass shooting in El Paso Texas, another mass shooting took place outside of a bar in Dayton, Ohio. 911 took less than a minute to respond shooting and killing the shooter. Here is what we know so far:   A white male in his 20’s from the Dayton area opened fire on […]

Police Shoots And Kills Unarmed Pregnant Black Woman !? [VIDEO]

A police officer shot and killed an unarmed Black woman whose last words were “I’m pregnant!” following a physical confrontation in an apartment complex parking lot in suburban Houston Monday night. The woman and the officer were not immediately identified, but a bystander managed to capture the fatal episode on camera in the city of […]

Fifth Explosion In Texas This Time At A FedEx Facility [VIDEO]

It’s being reported that a Box was on a conveyor belt at a FedEx facility when it exploded. This marks the fifth explosion in Texas, the first four causing injuries and death in the city of Austin. Check out the video here

Fourth Explosion Triggered By Tripwire In Austin, TX Injures 2 ?? [VIDEO]

Another explosion in Texas that injured two men Sunday night could’ve been triggered by a tripwire. Check out the video here

Texas Church’s Chicken Floor Collapses Bringing A Fryer Down On Employee (VIDEO)

Texas Church’s Chicken Floor Collapses Bringing A Fryer Down On Employee…see video here