Singer Sparkle Gives Erykah Badu and Taraji P. Henson a Reality Check [VIDEO]

Singer is not here for anyone coming for victims or protecting Robert Kelly now that ‘Surviving R Kelly’ is out the bag. Sparkle is also letting people know that they better be careful what they say to her cause it might turn around on you, then she is gonna have you wear those shoes that […]

R Kelly Under FBI Investigation For Flying Minors Across State Lines!?

It’s being reported that Georgia and Chicago authorities are investigating R Kelly for allegations made in ‘Surviving R Kelly’. Allegations that seem to be hard to do anything about because the ladies R Kelly are involved with say they are okay and not being held against their will and they are of age. But the […]

Premiering This Weekend ‘Leaving Neverland’ at Sundance With Controversy

This weekend premiering at Sundance Film Festival is the documentary that has festival security on high alert. It appears that ‘Surviving R Kelly’ is opening all kinds of flood gates. ‘Leaving Neverland’ is the documentary about Michael Jackson that alleged accusers that say Michael Jackson conducted inappropriate behavior upon them. The accusers are now grown […]

R Kelly’s Child Jaya Kelly AKA Jaah Drops a Diss Track [VIDEO]

Greatness is formed in DNA and it appears that the greatness of story telling in R Kelly’s music has been passed down to his seed. Robert Kelly and Drea Kelly’s child, Jaya Kelly, who is now known as, Jaah, has dropped a sample music diss track.  Jaah says since the airing of ‘Surviving R Kelly’ […]

Taraji P Henson Is Now Getting Dragged For Her #MuteRKelly VS. Harvey Weinstein Comments

You would think that folks would just publicly stay out of the whole ‘Surviving R Kelly’ thing, especially when the trolls are just circling waiting to come for somebodies head. Now the social media Troll’s are coming for Taraji P. Henson for an Instagram story she posted. Taraji P Henson is an actress she really […]

Erykah Badu Gets Dragged For Speaking Up For R Kelly!? [VIDEO]

While performing at a concert in Chicago the Queen of Positive Vibes, “Erykah Badu” decided that the Chicago stage was the appropriate time to acknowledge prayers to R Kelly who has been coming under heavy scrutiny since the airing of ‘Surviving R Kelly’. But a strange thing happened…The crowd didn’t appreciate her sentiments that appeared […]

Rapper Yo Yo Say’s R Kelly Tried To Slip Her Daughter His Number [VIDEO]

When asked what legendary rapper, YO YO, was asked about what she thought about the whole R Kelly thing. Her response was the story of when she went to R Kelly’s studio and she had taken her daughter with her after they had left her daughter told her that on of R Kelly’s crew members […]

Carey Kelly Says Iyanla Is Going To Help Him Fix His Life [VIDEO]

For the love of his family is seeming to be nothing but chaos for the brother of R Kelly, Carey Kelly, way before Lifetimes ‘Surviving R Kelly’ was aired. Back when R Kelly was on trial for the alleged child sex tape, Carey Kelly was accused by his brothers attorneys of being the man in […]

Dave Chappelle: R Kelly Was Ready To Slap The Piss Out Of Him Over “Piss On You” Joke!? [VIDEO]

You better be careful what you say to R Kelly cause he might just turn it around on you….if the shoe fits wear it boyyy ♫ !!  And according to Dave Chappelle he has his own ‘Surviving R Kelly’ testimony, because R Kelly and his homies were going to slap the piss out of him […]

Master P Set’s Everyone Straight About Him & ‘Surviving R Kelly’ !! [VIDEO]

Celebrities are often times put under the microscope due to social media, and us the scrollers sometimes forget that when they turn the mic’s and cameras off these are people with real families, they are parents. So while on Instagram Live Master P was asked what his thoughts were about ‘Surviving R Kelly’, for whatever […]