Connor Betts Hangin In The Bar Before He Murdered 9 Surveillance Video Released

Surveillance video has been released showing that Connor Betts entered the bar with his sister and another friend earlier in the evening before he left, came back with body armor on and proceeded to slaughter 9 people, injuring 27  in Downtown, Dayton, Ohio last weekend. It is still unclear what happened that night as it […]

Bow Wow And Leslie Holden Surveillance Video Released

In a surveillance video obtained by TMZ, it shows the argument between Bow Wow and his girlfriend Leslie Holden. In the video with no audio it shows Bow Wow grabbing on Leslie Holden then snatching something from her before they exit the elevator. Does this mean that Bow Wow struck first before she visibly scratched […]

Surveillance Video Shows Suspect Fatally Shot as He Ran From Police [VIDEO]

Surveillance Video show Daniel Hambrick, running from Nashville police officer who shot and killed him while his back was turned. Check out the video here

Minnesota Mall Attack Linked To Terrorism?? (Warning Video Is Graphic)

Minnesota Mall Attack Linked To Terrorism?? see video here (Warning Video Is Graphic)