Kanye West Sunday Service Atlanta Was Real Church!!

Many people have been trying to figure out the whole Kanye West Sunday Service thing as of late as its following  growing.  From what has been reported his Sunday Service is typically just a musical service, with a phenomenal choir.  But there has been a shift in service as this past Sunday, Kanye’s Sunday Service […]

Dave Chappelle Gives Benefit For His Hometown Of Dayton Ohio [VIDEO]

Dave Chappelle stood by his community of Dayton, OH in the wake of the mass shooting last month, by coming home for his birthday and giving a benefit concert. Then Kanye West decided to bring church to the community by hosting his Sunday Service in Dayton, OH then having his entire mass choir sing Happy […]

Praise Yeezus!? Kanye West Is Having Easter ‘Sunday Service’ At Coachella

If your not familiar with Kanye’s ‘Sunday Service’, it is a spiritual uplifting, healing service that is attended by people of positive spiritual being by invite only and of course presided over by no other than Kanye West himself.  Yes if you didn’t know or get it, Kanye West has his own Church. According to […]