Aaron Hernandez Death In Jail Sets Him Free In A Million Ways [VIDEO]

NFL player Aaron Hernandez committed suicide in jail.  His death made him an innocent man and a million other things as well…check out the video here

Have You Ever Been So Stressed Out That You Went Thru a Depression Or Even Thought About Suicide?

Have you ever been so stressed out that you went thru a depression or even thought about suicide? How did u deal with it? Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam was not only the first African-American woman to serve on New York state’s highest court, but also the first female Muslim judge to serve on any court in […]

Man Accidentally Kills Best Friend Then Kills Himself (VIDEO)

Man Accidentally Kills Best Friend Then Kills Himself …check out the video here

Bishop Long talks about contemplating suicide after accusations


Singer Kehlani Attempts Suicide (VIDEO)

Singer and boo or ex boo of Cav’s Kyrie Irving attempted suicide…check out the video

Singers Mary Mary Sits Down And Talks Troubled Waters (VIDEO)

Mary Mary sits down and talks about the the troubled waters they have been through…check out the video

Black Lives Matter Activist Commits Suicide On Ohio Statehouse Steps (VIDEO)

It’s been reported that Black Lives Matter activist Marshawn McCarrel shot and killed himself on the steps of the Ohio Statehouse after tweeting…check out the video

Mother Of Freddie Gray Attempts Suicide

It’s being reported that the mother of Freddie Gray, who died while in Baltimore Police custody, has attempted to take her own life…see video