Is Raina St. Patrick Really Dead? “Power” Star Spills The Tea! [VIDEO]

Season 5 of Starz Power had everybody pumped and yelling at their TV screen. This season started back up with us stilling grieving the loss of little Raina St. Patrick after she was trying to save her dumb “A” twin brothers life. Well what if little Raina wasn’t in that coffin? Hmmm?? Folks caught up […]

50 Cent Live Performance Of ”Big Rich Town” Opening Of POWER Season 5 [VIDEO]

“They say this is a big Rich town, yeaaaa, I just come from the poorest part 🎶” Starz POWER season 5 starts back up SUNDAY and 50 Cent rocked “Big Rich Town” live at Radio City Music Hall along side of a choir!! Check out the video here

La La Gives Up The Tea Live on Straz Power Season 5 Starting This Sunday [VIDEO]

Starz POWER season 5 starts back up this Sunday and star of the hit show La La Anthony sat down live to give us the tea on this season plus talks about the funeral of the young man stabbed to death at a Bronx bodega. Check out the video here

Rotimi On How To Deal With THOTs [VIDEO]

Focusing on Starz Power season 5 all day will keep the THOT’s away, well maybe that will more. Starz Power Rotimi AKA Dre says his cast mates such as Ghost, have been schooling him on women sliding into his DM’s. Check out the video here

Starz Power: The Count Down Starts Now [Official Trailer]

The summer time mark is our time to feed our fever for Starz Power. Our hearts were broken when Ghosts baby girl was gunned down last season, well starting July 1st pay back is bitch and it will go down in epic proportion. Respect. Legacy. Revenge. Check out the season 5 official trailer here

Power Season 5 Returns July 1 on STARZ See The Trailer Here

You have been feenin for it now it is almost here. Power Season 5 returns July 1 on STARZ. Check out the official trailer here.

Starz POWER Season 4 Finale Trailer Is Lit “You Can’t Fix This” [VIDEO]

We aren’t the only one’s crying about the loss of Raina St. Patrick, and a whole lot of folks are about to light up the night about her death…check out the trailer here

Starz Power Michael Rainey Jr AKA Tariq Talks About Turning To The Dark Side [VIDEO]

Meet the young man, Michael Rainey Jr., who plays the character Tariq on POWER…check out the video here

Starz Power Season 4 Starts Tonight, Get Your First Taste Here [VIDEO]

Ghosts side boo sent him to jail and Kanan stole Tariq, and we still don’t know where LaKeisha’s body is. But the wait is over and the sh@# is starting to hit the fan tonight on Starz Power. But for all my Power fiends take a sneak peek to get your mind ready for tonight, […]

Starz Power Season 4 Start’s On The 25th And Who’s Not Going To Make It [VIDEO]

Starz Power starts back this Sunday the 25th. The cast sits down to talk about what you should know…check out the video here