Newly Signed Patriot Antonio Brown Accused of Sexual Assault!?

Everyone was shocked and some pumped when it was announced that Oakland Raider (via Pittsburgh) Antonio Brown was released on Saturday only to be swept up by the New England Patriots on Monday in what was being deemed as the deal of the day. But you know that saying somethings are just too good to […]

14 Woman Suing Lyft For Sexual Assault !? [VIDEO]

Do you know who is driving you around? According to 14 woman who used Lyft, the company doesn’t know who are driving for them and they are mishandling complaints of sexual misconduct, sexual assault, rape against their drivers. It’s being reported that 14 woman have filed a lawsuit against Lyft the ride share company. According […]

Ellen’s Stepfather Sexually Assaulted Her!?

Ellen DeGeneres is known as one of the funniest women alive but her past is not so funny, as she is opening up now about how she was sexually assaulted by her stepfather when she was a teenager in hopes to empower others. In a new episode of David Letterman’s Netflix show “My Next Guest […]

Colorado Pastor Fathers A 14 Year Olds Child??!! [VIDEO]

A Colorado pastor Romello Leach was arrested for multiple counts of sexual assault on a child is accused of having sex with a 14-year-old girl. Leach is allegedly the father of the 14 years baby…check out the video here

40 People Watched As Girl Was Sexually Assaulted On FB Live: Should The Viewers Face Charges? [VIDEO]

40 people watched as a young girl was sexually assaulted on Facebook Live and nobody called the police. The teens have been charged, however the question is, should viewers face charges?…see video here

Judge Will Not Throw Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Case Out

Bad news for Bill Cosby. A Philadelphia judge has refused to throw out the case of sexual assault against Bill Cosby…check out the video

Women Wanted For Twerking Assault

Two women are being sought after by police in Washington D.C. for sexually assaulting a man via TWERKING…see video