Alleged R Kelly Cult Member Jocelyn Savage Tells Her Dad To Just Stop It [VIDEO]

Jocelyn Savage sends a video message to her dad in regards to her being held as an alleged R Kelly cult member, she says she is happy and for him to just stop it…see video here

Keyshia Cole When When Asked About The R Kelly Sex Cult: I Would Smack The Dog Sh— Out Of Him [VIDEO]

Keyshia Cole said she never experienced what others are saying about R Kelly, Keyshia says the reason may be that R. Kelly knew she would smack the dog sh%& out of him…check out the video here

Joycelyn Savage, The Woman Whose Family Claims R. Kelly Is A Cult Runner, Speaks [VIDEO]

Joycelyn Savage, the woman whose family claims R. Kelly is holding her in a “cult” has a message for the world “she’s totally happy and okay” … check out the video here

R. Kelly Is Being Accused Of Running A Sex Cult!!?? [VIDEO]

Do you believe this? Is R. Kelly really the pied pier?? R. Kelly is being accused of running a sex cult and holding women against their will…check out the video here

R Kelly Being Sued By A Cop For Being A Homewrecker!!?? [VIDEO]

Allegedly R. Kelly knocked off a police officers wife and gave her an STD so now the officer is suing R. Kelly for being a homewrecker…see video here

New Release: R Kelly “12 Nights Of Christmas”

Early but right on time!!! R Kelly releases his Christmas album “12 Nights of Christmas”….see here (LISTEN TO IT ON SPOTIFY NOW CLICK HERE)  

R Kellys Ex-Wife Andrea Is Pissed And Has Had Enough (Facebook Live Video)

Right is right and wrong is wrong and too far is too far and Andrea Kelly the ex-wife of R Kelly has had enough!! So much so that she went on Facebook live to check some folks…check out the live video here

R Kelly Doesn’t See Nothin Wrong With Dating A Girl That Is Nine…Teen (VIDEO)

R Kelly Doesn’t See Nothin Wrong With Dating A Girl That Is Nine…Teen. But is that really wrong?? Check out the video

R. Kelly Tear Jerking Live Performance Of “I Believe I Can Fly” (VIDEO)

This Is The Most INCREDIBLE Thing You Will Probably Ever SEE…Check out the video

R. Kelly Blows Guy Away On A Street Corner (VIDEO)

R. Kelly Blows Guy Away On A Street Corner. Vocally that is…check out the video