R Kelly’s Former Manager James Mason Turns Himself In [VIDEO]

R Kelly’s former manager, James Mason, has turned himself into authorities in Georgia. Joycelyn Savages parents claimed that their lives were allegedly threatened by James Mason after they tried to contact their daughter through Mason back in May. An arrest warrant was issued in July, but only after ‘Surviving R Kelly’ aired did the heat […]

Carey Kelly Says Iyanla Is Going To Help Him Fix His Life [VIDEO]

For the love of his family is seeming to be nothing but chaos for the brother of R Kelly, Carey Kelly, way before Lifetimes ‘Surviving R Kelly’ was aired. Back when R Kelly was on trial for the alleged child sex tape, Carey Kelly was accused by his brothers attorneys of being the man in […]

R Kelly Dropped By Sony RCA….But [VIDEO]

It appears that R Kelly may have been given his marching orders. The walls seem to be crashing down around R Kelly as the Lifetime docu-series ‘Surviving R Kelly’ seems to be forcing peoples hand to make a stance in the alleged allegations made in the documentary. Sony’s record label, RCA, announced that they have […]

Dave Chappelle: R Kelly Was Ready To Slap The Piss Out Of Him Over “Piss On You” Joke!? [VIDEO]

You better be careful what you say to R Kelly cause he might just turn it around on you….if the shoe fits wear it boyyy ♫ !!  And according to Dave Chappelle he has his own ‘Surviving R Kelly’ testimony, because R Kelly and his homies were going to slap the piss out of him […]

You Had Questions, Now Drea Kelly Is Answering Them!! [VIDEO]

After millions watched ‘Surviving R Kelly’, 90% of those millions of viewers had questions, of that 90% probably 89% probably had questions for R. Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea Kelly. Especially after a Facebook Live video surfaced of Drea Kelly surfaced with what appeared to be Drea Kelly jammin to her babies daddy song “Happy People” and […]

R Kelly Sends Alleged Victims A Threatening Letter!? [VIDEO]

If these reports are true R Kelly might be making matters even worse for himself and panic attacks maybe the least of his problems. A press conference was held to give us the 411 about R Kelly retaliating against the women of ‘Surviving R Kelly’. A press conference was held to let R Kelly know […]

R Kelly’s Panic Attacks Sent Him To The Hospital!? [VIDEO]

The demons that have been trapped in the closet have been let out and know they are wreaking havoc. The heat in the kitchen from ‘Surviving R Kelly’ has allegedly caused Kell’s to get out and go to the hospital. Allegedly according to a source close to R Kelly, the Pied Piper of R&B started […]

Can Iyanla Vanzant Fix R Kellys Life!? [VIDEO]

‘Surviving R Kelly’ has started a discussion storm that I don’t think ‘LIFETIME’ could have envisioned. So when Iyanla Vanzant was asked is it possible fix R Kellys life, she said it is important to look at the entire story. Iyanla Vanzant says she does not in no way condone R Kelly’s actions but he […]

DeRay Davis Talks How Long He Can Go !?

Actor/Comedian DeRay Davis stopped by to talk to his homeboy Sam Sylk while on his way to the Cleveland Improv. DeRay had some real Reality Hour conversation for the Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK as Sam asked him questions about today’s trending hot topics and more. The reality came out when Sam Sylk asked […]

R. Kelly’s Attorney Say’s Aaliyah Lied!? [VIDEO]

R Kelly is fighting back after the airing of ‘Surviving R Kelly’, even going so far as to throw the late singer Aaliyah under the bus. According to R Kelly’s attorney there is nothing to really fight back about because the allegations aren’t true and the princess of R&B, Aaliyah, lied. R Kelly’s lawyer Steven […]