Can Iyanla Vanzant Fix R Kellys Life!? [VIDEO]

‘Surviving R Kelly’ has started a discussion storm that I don’t think ‘LIFETIME’ could have envisioned. So when Iyanla Vanzant was asked is it possible fix R Kellys life, she said it is important to look at the entire story. Iyanla Vanzant says she does not in no way condone R Kelly’s actions but he […]

DeRay Davis Talks How Long He Can Go !?

Actor/Comedian DeRay Davis stopped by to talk to his homeboy Sam Sylk while on his way to the Cleveland Improv. DeRay had some real Reality Hour conversation for the Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK as Sam asked him questions about today’s trending hot topics and more. The reality came out when Sam Sylk asked […]

R. Kelly’s Attorney Say’s Aaliyah Lied!? [VIDEO]

R Kelly is fighting back after the airing of ‘Surviving R Kelly’, even going so far as to throw the late singer Aaliyah under the bus. According to R Kelly’s attorney there is nothing to really fight back about because the allegations aren’t true and the princess of R&B, Aaliyah, lied. R Kelly’s lawyer Steven […]

R. Kelly’s Daughter Joann Say’s He’s A Monster

R Kelly has said in his song ‘I Wish’, Honey Love goes platinum and y’all ass come around, But y’all don’t wanna raise the roof, Until my s$@t is going down.  And since ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ it seems like down is exactly what his s$@t  has been doing.  Now it’s being reported that Kelly’s own […]

R Kelly Celebrated His Birthday At A Local Chi-Town Club [VIDEO]

R. Kelly wasn’t letting the aftermath of ‘Surviving R Kelly’ ruin his birthday. For R Kelly’s 52nd birthday the singer decided to have himself a birthday party at a local Chicago club in which he/himself entertained the crowed with a little ‘Bump N Grind’ on the microphone. Everything was a ‘Fiesta’ until someone called 911 […]

Do You Think R. Kelly May Leave The Country? Some Fear So…

‘Surviving R. Kelly’ opened a can of a whole lot of worms for R. Kelly, now some are saying that they afraid that the early bird may eat the worm and fly away. It’s been reported that since the airing of ‘Surviving R. Kelly’  a criminal investigation in two different counties has been opened.  Cook […]

Master P Speaks His Truth: Surviving R Kelly Would Have Been On CNN [VIDEO]

This coming from a rapper who is also a father first. Master P live on his Instagram kept it 100 when the subject of ‘Surviving R Kelly’ came up. He said he was sorry but he was about to hurt some peoples feelings. He said he wasn’t going to speak on the whole R. Kelly […]

You Knew This Was Coming! R. Kelly Under Criminal Investigation!? [VIDEO]

Lifetime’s docus-series it appears to have made the blind folded lady holding the scales of justices to drop her mask. Georgia and now Illinois is coming for R. Kelly, after viewing ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ It is being reported that Fulton County, Georgia is launching a criminal investigation into the allegations of R. Kelly allegedly having […]

R. Kelly Is Striking Back With www.survivinglies.com !? [VIDEO]

R. Kelly is mad about ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ and is allegedly striking back. According to sources R. Kelly claims that ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ is full of lies and he doesn’t even know these women. Allegedly R. Kelly in retaliation he plans on putting up a website www.survivinglies.com that he plans on outing each person that […]

Carey Kelly ‘Reveals’ His And R. Kelly’s Relative Abuser [VIDEO]

In an exclusive interview with blogger unWinewithTashaK, R. Kelly’s younger brother Carey Kelly revealed a question that everyone has been asking after watching the docu-series ‘Surviving R. Kelly’, who was the relative that molested Carey and Robert Kelly that ultimately released the alleged unnatural behaviors of R. Kelly. In the video below Carey Kelly describes […]