Drea Kelly Joins The Cast of ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’!?

The trailer for the summer season of ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ has just dropped and they have some interesting people joining the show, T-Boz from TLC, rapper/LHH star Waka Floka and Robert Kelly’s ex-wife Drea Kelly. After the airing of the documentary ‘Surviving R Kelly’, it looks like that’s exactly what Drea is doing, surviving. […]

R. Kelly Posts Happy Birthday Song To His Daughter Joann [VIDEO]

According Drea Kelly, R Kelly’s, ex-wife, Kell’s hasn’t paid child support or even seen his children in quite sometime. Then there had reports that is own daughter Joann Kelly said that she has been estranged from her father Robert Kelly as well. But according to R Kelly on Gayle King’s interview with the pied piper […]

There’s 2 Sides to Every Story Then Theirs Public Announcement !? [VIDEO]

There is two sides to every story and then there’s the truth, that is somewhere in the middle, so with that being said with ‘Surviving R Kelly’ you have the alleged survivors side, then there is the Gayle King interview, R Kelly’s side, then there is the Public Announcement side. The first we heard of […]

Asante McGee Wrote A Book ‘No Longer Trapped In The Closet’!? [VIDEO]

First the Lifetime documentary ‘Surviving R Kelly’ now there’s a book ‘No Longer Trapped In The Closet’ and you won’t believe which survivor wrote it. The one that walked away Asante McGee. Asante McGee the older lady from ‘Surviving R Kelly’ (meaning older for Kell’s). She is the one who actually went into the house […]

Dominique Gardner Say’s R. Kelly Doesn’t Deserve Jail [VIDEO]

The young lady at the end of ‘Surviving R Kelly’ who got away, Dominique Gardner, say’s that Robert Kelly doesn’t deserve jail but he does needs help. Dominique Gardner the one who’s mother found her at the hotel she was staying at and got her to finally leave R. Kelly has finally spoken to a […]

Police Go To R Kelly’s After A False 911 Call Was Placed [VIDEO]

Things are getting real ugly and petty for R. Kelly now. Allegedly a person called 911 and told operators that Azriel Clary and 4 other woman had committed a mass suicide at R. Kelly’s Trump Towers resident. Come to find out that the call that allegedly originated from National Human Trafficking Hotline, was a false […]

Lisa Van Allen: R Kelly Got Aaliyah Prego & Had Sex With Her Mom!? [VIDEO]

R Kelly’s ex boo thang from ‘Surviving R. Kelly’, Lisa Van Allen, has dropped some serious tea that wasn’t said on the Lifetime documentary. According to Lisa Van Allen the reason her and R. Kelly got along so well is because they shared the same abuse issues. Van Allen said that allegedly, Robert Kelly, told […]

New Music: R Kelly “Yall Killin Me” House Remix [VIDEO]

R Kelly isn’t the only creative musical genius in the world. Someone remixed the Gayle King interview with R Kelly to a house beat. And ironically the joint is FIRE!! Check out the musical video “Yall Killin Me” house remix featuring R. Kelly and Gayle King below: Let me see ya booty bounce, bounce, bounce […]

R Kelly Sex Tape Number 3 Rears It’s Head in New York [VIDEO]

At a press conference in NYC a man by the name of Gary Dennis say’s he was going through some old sports VHS tapes that belonged to him he noticed one of the tapes was labeled R Kelly concert.  Gary Dennis that say’s he has no connection to R Kelly played the tape and to […]

Hilarious!! SNL Recreates Gayle King And R. Kelly Interview [VIDEO]

Everybody knows that Saturday Night Live doesn’t sleep on any hot topics. So last night right before the time jumped forward SNL jumped back on Friday nights complete interview on CBS as Gayle King interviewed R. Kelly. SNL hit on everything that everyone was thinking but was scared to say out load. Kudos to Leslie […]