D.L. Hughley’s Raw Opinion on R. Kelly & Michael Jackson Plus More [VIDEO]

Comedian/Radio Host D.L. Hughley gives the straight without vaseline, real talk on the hottest topics of this week R. Kelly and Michael Jackson. Without any apologies D.L. says R. Kelly and Michael Jackson are one and the same.  And just because they are horrible babysitters he will still continue listen to their music.  D.L. also […]

Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage Claim Their Parents Are Scambos!? [Video Interview]

The parents of Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary wanted a wellness check, and the ladies have given them just that via an interview with CBS This Morning. After Robert Kelly gave an emotional interview in regards to recent sexual abuse charges to co-host of CBS This Morning’s Gayle King he went to court for failure […]

Gayle King’s Full R. Kelly Interview [VIDEO]

Gayle King did a phenomenal job interviewing an emotional R. Kelly about his recent sexual abuse accusations/charges. After Kell’s went off and Gayle remained stoic and order returned to the interview. Robert Kelly say’s that these women’s parents are to blame for all of this, he basically said when the money dried up they all […]

Savage Family Press Conference Following R Kelly Interview with Gayle King [VIDEO]

All hell is breaking loose as a bombshell of an interview was teased last night that Gayle King had conducted a hour and 20 minute long emotional interview with R Kelly about his recent sexual abuse charges that aired this morning on CBS. Members of the Savage family along with their attorney, Gerald Griggs, address […]

Breaking News: Gayle King Interviewed R Kelly!? [VIDEO]

Breaking news R Kelly sat down with Oprah’s home girl, Gayle King, co-host of “CBS This Morning”, in what is said to be an hour and twenty minute interview to plead his case in recent sexual abuse charges.  I don’t know what kind of attorney Kell’s has but he might need to seek new counsel if […]

Qunicy Jones On R. Kelly “We All Knew” and Jussie Smollett is Done !? [VIDEO]

When Quincy Jones talks everybody listens. So when the legendary producer was caught out signing autographs, he was asked about his thoughts on R Kelly and Jussie Smollett. As it pertains to R Kelly, Quincy Jones says in so many few words, what do you expect from a person who married a 14 year old? […]

Multi Business Owner Fan Bails R Kelly Out Now Her Customers Are Bailing

A multi business owner, fan/friend  bailed R. Kelly out of jail after being arrested and charged with sexual abuse, a charge in which he has plead not guilty to.  But the trending story today was who is the mystery person that finally bailed Robert Kelly out and why?  Here’s what we know: 47 year old […]

R. Kelly Is Out on Bail, His First Meal Out? McDonalds!? [VIDEO]

Robert Kelly with the help of an alleged business man friend posted his 10% of a million dollar bail.  In order for Kell’s to stay free though he will have to payoff his child support bill which is being reported as in the six figure range. So what did R. Kelly do when he got […]

STOP IT!! Jussie Smollett and Chicago Police All Are Talking Too Much!!

I think I got whats going on with the Jussie Smollett case now.  This whole thing is a test pilot for a new reality TV show.  They just haven’t told us the title yet.  They want to see how much viewership they can get.  Because when this is all said and done, Jussie Smollett, the […]

R Kelly In Jail Without No Bail Money!? [VIDEO]

The backyard party is not going down just yet because it’s being reported that R Kelly is still in jail because he has not been able to raise his 10% of a million dollars to get out. Robert Kelly appeared in court where a judge ordered a million dollar bond. Allegedly according to his attorney […]