Is The Judge Wrong For Not Returning R. Kelly’s Bail?

Today on the Sam Sylk Show:  Was the judge wrong or nah?  Or was ole girl a sucka for getting involved in R. Kelly’s legal woes in the first place? Would you post $100,00 cash for a friend to get out the joint? A Chicago judge in singer Robert Kelly’s sexual assault case has refused […]

R. Kelly’s In, ASAP Rocky Out!?

Maybe Donald Trump was able to help rapper ASAP Rocky after all, and maybe R. Kelly should drop a ‘can you help a brotha out’ note in his Trump Towers rent check.  As it is being reported that ASAP Rocky is out and R. Kelly is in. Nahhh Trump ain’t have nothing to do with […]

Darrell Johnson Now Say’s He Would Leave His Daughter With R Kelly 100%!?

R Kelly’s crisis manager, Darrell Johnson, who doesn’t seem to be doing very well in a crisis, is saying now everybody has got everything twisted and he wanted to clear it up. In a video recorded on a phone opposed to the CBS professional camera, Darrell Johnson, first says the reason he is stepping away […]

R Kelly’s Crisis Manager Say’s “I Would Not Leave My Daughter With an Accused Pedophile” [VIDEO]

Just when it seems things can’t get worse for R&B singer R. Kelly, the man that’s supposed to be seeing him through his storm, created a hail storm. The man that just went toe to toe with Joycelyn Savage’s father last week after R. Kelly was arrested in front of his Trump Tower home, Darrell […]

Is Sparkle’s Niece Cooperating With Authorities Against R. Kelly?

It is being reported that allegedly a woman is cooperating with federal authorities against R&B singer R. Kelly on charges of child pornography.  The woman is said to have appeared in several of the tapes turned over to authorities when the woman was a minor, allegedly the woman is the 14 year old who R. […]

Azriel Clary’s Dad Is Willing To Pay Her Rent If She Bounces [VIDEO]

Azriel Clary’s father went live to send a message to his daughter after the arrest of R. Kelly and his bail was denied. Rumors have been floating around that R. Kelly’s most famous boo’s Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary are seeking financial help after Daddy aka R. Kelly’s bail was denied. Well Angelo Clary, Azriel’s […]

R. Kelly Is In Jail Without No Bail !?

After the women involved with R Kelly told their story to Lifetime’s ‘Surviving R Kelly’, it seems like the tables are turning and the R&B singer will now be surviving jail until proven innocent. We reported a few days ago that the singer R. Kelly was picked up infant of his Trump Tower home while […]

Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary Say Don’t Believe The Hype ‘We Are Still At The Trump’

Rumor has it that Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary  were either booted out of Trump Towers or whisked away, but according to R. Kelly’s main boo’s they are good.  Daddy, I’m sorry, I meant to say R. Kelly was picked up by the fed’s while walking his dog last week in front of his Trump Tower’s […]

Savage Family Goes In On R. Kelly’s publicist Darrell Johnson

R. Kelly was arrested by federal authorities on Thursday, which prompted the family of Joycelyn Savage to go to their Trump Tower home to help their daughter/sister. However when they got there she wasn’t there. Which prompted the question from the Savage family, where is Joycelyn? The Savage family seem to believe that R. Kelly’s […]

R. Kelly Swooped Up By Fed’s While Walking His Dog

The residue of Surviving of R Kelly will not go away. It’s being reported R&B singer R. Kelly has been arrested again and indicted on federal sex crime charges. R. Kelly while walking his dog in front of his Trump Tower home was picked up by federal authorities. Allegedly his is being charged with 13 […]