Cleveland Officer Films Himself Urinating On A Child!?

It’s being reported that a 34 year old Cleveland police officer, Soloman Nhiwatiwa, tried to pickup a 12 year old girl waiting at a bus stop. When the girl girl wouldn’t get in the car he left only to return pull out his Johnson then proceeded to urinate on the young girl. And he did […]

Black Woman Defends An Unarmed Black Man [VIDEO]

Thank GOD for a good woman and a cell phone after police surrounded a young man with their weapons drawn. A woman by the name of Sky, who’s boyfriend was killed by police observed William Ewell, 24, being apprehended for an alleged robbery-assault that took place. Ms. Sky took it upon herself to make sure […]

Cleveland Man Tries To Cash His Check Bank Calls The Police!? [VIDEO]

Paul McCowns of Cleveland  got a new job making an honest paycheck so he goes to Huntington Bank to cash it. The bank felt the check was too much gives the man a hard time he goes to leave and they call the police who come out and handcuff him then calls his employer to […]

Neighbor Called Police on 12 Year Old Mowing Lawn Has Increased His Business [VIDEO]

12-year-old Reginald Fields’ lawn-mowing business is booming after news spread of a neighbor calling the cops on him. Check out the video here

The White Woman That Called The Police On The BBQ [Complete Video}

In Oakland, Ca a white woman approached a black man for having a BBQ grill at Lake Merritt. She told him he could not BBQ there and called the police although he was in the section of the park that allows grilling. Check out the complete viral video here

Police Dispatched to Wrong Waffle House During Shooting [VIDEO]

Suspect in the shooting at a Waffle House in Nashville is set to appear in court; police have still not released possible motive for the massacre. But information in regards to the shooting are coming out. Allegedly Police were dispatched to wrong Waffle House when first calls on shooting came in. Check out the video […]

Po Po Pulled Over Erykah Badu To Say “HI” ?? [VIDEO]

The Police turned on their flashing lights to stop Erykah Badu. Erykah Badu turned on her cell phone recorder and asked why she was being stopped and the officer said just to say hi, he was a fan…check oat the video here WTF BABYLON !! HAPPY NEW YEAERZZZZ! A post shared by THE UNICORN (@erykahbadu) […]

Chance the Rapper Got Stopped By Police and Streamed It On Instagram Live [VIDEO]

Chance the Rapper led by example Sunday, livestreaming a traffic stop in Chicago “in case it gets out of hand.”…check out the video here

Man Dies In Vegas After Police Use A Stun Gun On Him [VIDEO]

A man is dead after police use a stun gun on him…see video here

Robin Thicke & Paula Patton: Can’t We All Just Get Along “Police Called” [VIDEO]

Can’t we all just get along!! Paula Patton called the po po on Robin Thicke…see video here