Michael Jackson Abuse Accuser Pissed At Dave Chappelle!?

Comedian Dave Chappelle has never been one to sugar coat his stand-up or how he wants to do things and whether folks like it or not he has been pretty dang on successful at it. Ironically enough for the King of Pop’s birthday somebody decided on this day in particular to take Dave Chappelle to […]

How Raw Is This? Eddie Murphy To Get A $70 Mil Stand Up Deal From NETFLIX !!

How deliriously raw is this news, Eddie Murphy was the King of The stand-up comedy stage back in the 80’s before he went into making movies, but it is being reported that the King is coming back to his throne and NETFLIX is giving him $70 million dollars for a comedy special. Eddie Murphy packed […]

The Real Victims ‘Central Park Five’ from “When They See Us” [VIDEO]

Ava DuVernay ask’s the question, “what do you see when you see black boy’s” and then with her good given purpose she makes you put a name to children that where masked with a title so that you couldn’t see them, hence “When They See Us’. Ava DuVernay put together a master piece documentary on […]

Beyonce’ Woke Up Like This: $300 Million From An Uber Investment [VIDEO]

The always gracious mega star Beyonce’ woke up like this with all her paper in Formation. Not only did Beyonce’s documentary ‘Homecoming: A Film by Beyonce’ directed by Beyonce’ debut on Netflix April 17th, it has had a shattering record breaking 1.1 million views on Netflix, but now she adding to million reporting week. It […]

Frankie Beverly Is Pumped About Beyonce’s Cover of ‘Before I Let Go’ [VIDEO]

Beyonce’ released a documentary of her historic Coachella performance in 2018 on Netflix titled ‘Homecoming: A Film by Beyonce” last week plus dropped a surprise new album that same day.   The big talk about the documentary as well as the album was Beyonce’s cover of the legendary Frankie Beverly and Maze hit ‘Before I Let […]

Queen Bey Drops New Album & Netflix Documentary TODAY!!

Moves like this is proof of why Beyonce’ wears the Queen crown. Today we knew that the Netflix documentary about the iconic Coachella performance Beyonce’ gave last year was dropping but Bey thought she could do better than that for the Beyhive. Today to coincide with the Netflix release of “Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé”, […]

Kenya Moore Say’s Skip RHOA I’m Going To Netflix!? [VIDEO]

Here’s another secret Kenya Moore’s BFF Cynthia Bailey kept from everyone. First Kenya Moore didn’t want to keep it real with the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ about her getting married so she bounced. Then she wanted to come back so she started competing with baby pics on RHOA Sunday’s. Then RHOA brought Kenya back on […]

The Queen Bey Story Is Coming To NETFLIX ‘Homecoming’ [Official Trailer]

The Beyhive’s have been buzzing about the Queen Bey story coming to NETFLIX after the streaming service put out over the weekend a yellow banner that had ‘HOMECOMING’ on it.  And now it seems like all buzz is true, Beychella is making it’s way to the silver screen. NETFLIX has made it official by dropping […]

MJB New Music, New TV Show: Netflix “Umbrella Academy” [VIDEO]

Singer/songwriter, Mary J. Blige, has to be the most laid back and extremely humbled entertainer away from the mic, but while on the mic she is a power house that blows all crowds away. Her ability to execute her reality through the story telling in her music is second to none. We have literally watched […]

Family of Kalief Browder Wins $3.3 Million From NY…But [VIDEO]

New York City will pay $3 million to the family of Kalief Browder.  Browder was 16 years old when he was arrested and accused of robbing a man in 2010, a crime he denied committing.  He spent three years in Rikers Island, half of that time in solitary confinement, without being convicted and awaiting a […]