After 12 Years Meek Mill Legal Drama Is Officially Over!!

After the long drawn out legal drama spider web that Robert Williams aka rapper Meek Mill was caught in, it is being reported that the rapper is now officially a free man. Over 12 years ago the rapper Meek Mill before the fame walked out of his cousins house to go to the store when […]

Meek Mill’s Story of Justice Reform Premieres On Amazon ‘Free Meek’

God never put’s more on us than we can handle, and life is about what we do with that thing that was put on us.  In the case of Meek Mill his trials and tribulations from a youthful mistake that had been made punishable unfairly and not giving room for change by a justice system […]

Meek Mill Suing Hotel For Denying Him Entry !? [VIDEO]

Since being released from prison rapper Meek Mill has become an activist for reform as it pertains to our justice system but recently a hotel denied him entry in the hotel because they seem to allegedly have a different view of Meek Mill and now the rapper is filing a lawsuit. Rapper Meek Mill was […]

Family of Kalief Browder Wins $3.3 Million From NY…But [VIDEO]

New York City will pay $3 million to the family of Kalief Browder.  Browder was 16 years old when he was arrested and accused of robbing a man in 2010, a crime he denied committing.  He spent three years in Rikers Island, half of that time in solitary confinement, without being convicted and awaiting a […]

Jay-Z and Meek Mill Have Teamed Up To Bring Reform To The Justice System [VIDEO]

Rappers Jay-Z and Meek Mills have come together bring about change by means of something other than a rap collaboration. The company ‘Reform Alliance’, with a huge financial backing, was launched today by Jay-Z and Meek Mills along with others to bring reform to the current criminal justice system. The purpose/goal of ‘Reform Alliance’ is […]

Meek Mill Showed Maturation Through Wrongful Incarceration at The 2018 BET AWARDS [VIDEO]

Meek Mill showed maturation through wrongful incarceration by using the 2018 BET Awards as his platform to tell all of us to “Stay Woke”! as Meek Mill & Miguel slayed in an Emotional Police Brutality Live Performance. Check out the video here

Meek Mill Is Visiting The White House [VIDEO]

Meek Mill’s according to sources will be visiting the White House to discuss prison reform. Check out the video here

Rapper Meek Mill Speaks to CNN’s Don Lemon About Possible Retrial [VIDEO]

Rapper Meek Mill speaks out after DA Larry Krasner said during a hearing that the rappers sentence should be thrown out, and he should be granted a new trial. Check out the video here

The Protest & Protesters Are Real In A Quest To Free Rapper Meek Mill #FreeMeekMill (VIDEO)

Philadelphia 76ers’ legend Doctor Julius Irving, Rapper Rick Ross and hundreds of protesters are calling for the release rapper Meek Mill from jail…check out the video here