Malik Yoba’s Fraternity Say’s You Gotta Step Back Bruh!?

Malik Yoba thought he was doing something positive by showing support after a tragic death, by saying that he was in some many words attracted to transgenders. Then a young transgender claimed that Malik Yoba used to pay them to get with them. Malik Yoba say’s look I’m not gay I love woman, folks are trying […]

Malik Yoba Freestyles About His Truth And Fake News [VIDEO]

It’s been all over the internet that Malik Yoba admitted to being attracted to transgenders. In a post that he posted he was trying to be transparent about his feelings over someone had committed suicide over their gender choice. He was simply trying to say he supports transgenders and their truth. (see below) Fast forwarding […]

The Lyte Is Shinning On ‘New York Undercover’ Reboot [VIDEO]

Self destruction was never M.C. Lyte’s path, only the lighted path of success. The ladies first fell in love with Malik Yoba back 1999, way before FOX killed him off on ‘Empire’ season number number one, on another great show ‘New York Undercover’ that was gone too soon after 4 seasons. But now it look’s […]