FOX’s Laura Ingraham Reports Inaccurate News & Jokes While Reporting Nipsey Hussle’s Funeral!?

This story is about a real news anchor supposedly reporting real, informative and accurate news!? But it appears that FOX news anchor Laura Ingraham either came in late for work that day or they had an intern write and produce their show.  I mean they aren’t bloggers, right? FOX News host Laura Ingram while reporting […]

Fox News Host Roasted for Awful Comments About LeBron James [VIDEO]

Fox News host Laura Ingraham challenges LeBron James’s intelligence and is getting raked over the coals now…check out the video here WATCH: Fox News's Laura Ingraham says LeBron and KD should 'shut up and dribble' after criticism of President Trump https://t.co/2eZNNrWuv1 pic.twitter.com/rOFxy0qyTg — Sports Illustrated (@SInow) February 16, 2018