Meek Mill Suing Hotel For Denying Him Entry !? [VIDEO]

Since being released from prison rapper Meek Mill has become an activist for reform as it pertains to our justice system but recently a hotel denied him entry in the hotel because they seem to allegedly have a different view of Meek Mill and now the rapper is filing a lawsuit. Rapper Meek Mill was […]

25 Year Old Pushes 74 Year Old of A Bus And He Dies!? [VIDEO]

How disrespectful can these young people get!!  There is a special place in Hell for anybody that attacks an elderly person, and whatever was wrong with this young girl that attacked and killed this elderly man, the same rule applies. 25 year old Cadesha Bishop was being argumentative with passengers on a bus in Las […]

Man Dies In Vegas After Police Use A Stun Gun On Him [VIDEO]

A man is dead after police use a stun gun on him…see video here