Sam Sylk Talks To Comedian Bruce Bruce: Hot Topic’s & Tithes & Offerings!?

Sam Sylk sat down to talk to comedian Bruce Bruce live in studio during his radio show, The Sam Sylk Show, on 93.1 WZAK about the hot trending topics of today.   Then Reverend Tremble called in to give the church announcements when Bruce Bruce went Wendy Williams on him and asked the reverend the […]

‘The Light’ Rapper/Activist Common Talks To Sam Sylk [VIDEO]

Academy Award, Grammy winner, rapper Common has came from the Cotton Club in Chicago on Tuesday nights doing free style for free is now one of the 50 greatest rappers of all time.  But not only that ‘The Light’, Common, is one of the top actors, writers, and philanthropist of our times. The multicasted and blessed […]

Sam Sylk & Ginuwine Talk The Fake Ginuwine and Pony Rides Plus More

Ladies what would you do if you showed up at your new BFF house and singer Ginuwine was sitting in the house at the kitchen table!? Would you start singing ‘….Ride it My Pony’ or ‘My Whole Life Has Changed’ 🎶 Ginuwine had the answer to that question before hitting the stage at the 90’s […]

Priceless Business Tips From The Master, Master P [VIDEO]

In 1998 Master P was telling you that he had the hook up, holla if you here him, but in 2019 he is far from Hip Hop and embracing his maturations in life and through his maturations he is still successful as a businessman as well as a father. Rapper Master P with his son […]

Darrell Johnson Now Say’s He Would Leave His Daughter With R Kelly 100%!?

R Kelly’s crisis manager, Darrell Johnson, who doesn’t seem to be doing very well in a crisis, is saying now everybody has got everything twisted and he wanted to clear it up. In a video recorded on a phone opposed to the CBS professional camera, Darrell Johnson, first says the reason he is stepping away […]

R Kelly’s Crisis Manager Say’s “I Would Not Leave My Daughter With an Accused Pedophile” [VIDEO]

Just when it seems things can’t get worse for R&B singer R. Kelly, the man that’s supposed to be seeing him through his storm, created a hail storm. The man that just went toe to toe with Joycelyn Savage’s father last week after R. Kelly was arrested in front of his Trump Tower home, Darrell […]

Jussie Smollett’s Siblings Say Jussie’s Career Is Not Over!!

A lot of people have been counting Jussie Smollett out after the whole attack scandal, then losing his final season job with FOX Empire. But don’t nobody have your back your family always will and apparently Jussie Smollett’s family are his ride or die’s, and nothing is over until the fat lady sings and according […]

It Feels Good Tony! Toni! Toné! Is Back Together Again [VIDEO]

Raphael Saadiq is mellow quite a nice fellow met three tee at a rhyme at acopello, they had the rythum he had the rhyme, so then they hit it out one more time, it worked out they worked it in Tony Toni Tone is back together again! Yes that’s right Raphael Saadiq just made it […]

Ava DuVernay Talks ‘When They See Us’ And How We Are Seen [Interview]

Ava DuVernay had a goal of educating our generation of how we are seen with her Netflix ‘When They See Us’. Her other Netflix award winning hit ’13th’ was a perfect segue to the injustice that was served to 5 teenage boys. In this interview Ava DuVernay also talks about how even if Linda Fairstein […]

Drea Kelly & Daughter Buku Abi Sit Down To Talk R Kelly Updates [VIDEO]

It’s been sometime since the initial airing of “Surviving R. Kelly” on Lifetime and the life as R. Kelly seems to have changed considerably since then. R Kelly has been to jail then released, he has been made to perform at small venues for money, taken back to jail, made to pay all his back […]