Look At God!! Homeless Student Named Valedictorian…Plus [VIDEO]

Look at God!! 17 year old Tupac Mosley never let his current circumstances be a mountain he couldn’t climb and that’s why he was named Valedictorian of his high school, and through the beliefs of others in him, $3 million dollars in college scholarships were poured into him. What was Tupac Mosley’s mountain? He and […]

‘Pump It Up’ Star Dee Barnes Talks Being Homeless, ‘Beats’ by Dre While Being Blessed by Wendy Williams

Dee Barnes was the host of ‘Pump It Up’ back in the day until the fateful interview that changed her life forever. After conducting an interview with rapper Ice Cube after he left NWA, because Dr. Dre didn’t like what was said on the show he allegedly beat up Dee Barnes that led to her […]

Tameka “Tiny” Harris Gave Major To Homeless For Christmas [VIDEO]

Although we all like receiving the reason for the season is the gift of giving. Tameka “Tiny” Harris threw on a regular ole jogging suit, a Santa hat and rolled up her sleeves along with her Pretty Hustle crew and prepared meals for others less fortunate on Christmas Eve. But the most amazing part was […]

Basketball Fame To Homeless The Story Of Schuye LaRue [VIDEO]

The story of how a woman went from basketball stardom, leading her team to the Sweet Sixteen to homeless on D.C. streets…check out the video here

Former NAACP Leader Rachel Dolezal Almost Homeless?? [VIDEO]

Former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal when she lost her secret race identity lost almost everything…see video here

Charity Gives Out Joints To Homeless For The Holidays

Puff, puff, pass…A charity organization in Denver decided to pass out JOINTS to the homeless for the holidays.  Crazy, Right?  Check out the video…