Pastor Jamal Bryant Is Giving Back To His Federally Employed Flock [VIDEO]

Pastor Jamal Bryant has reached of the wall of ‘the separation of church and state’ to come to the aid of his flock that is paid by the federal government. Jamal Bryant the pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Dekalb County Lithonia, Georgia identified 28 members of his congregation that are federal employees being […]

Cardi B Speaks On Government Shutdown [VIDEO]

As we are closing in on a month of the Government Shutdown, the longest in U.S. history, families across the country are feeling the pressures of not having an income and being expected to come to work without pay. Call-offs across the board are starting to airport security, as we need TSA agents for our […]

No Wall, No Tax Refund Checks…And More!? [VIDEO]

This government shutdown is beginning to sound like Destiny Child’s ‘No, No, No’, as things might be getting real for people that don’t even work for the government during this history long shutdown. Trump doesn’t seem to be budging on his stance for a wall and it has left many hardworking government employee’s wondering when […]

Democrats Say’s ‘NO WALL’ Then Trump Walks Out !? [VIDEO]

It is scary that the man that is the leader of the free world can throw a temper tantrum!? In a meeting in the situation room today to discuss ending the partial government shutdown. When Nancy Pelosi was asked was he, meaning Donald Trump, getting his wall? Pelosi’s answer was “NO” so Donald Trump does […]