Wendy Williams Speaks Out, Her Husband Now Say’s My Bad!?

Wendy Williams recently came all the way clean about how being in recovery has made her reevaluate every aspect of her life which may include her husband after his alleged cheating scandal. But sometimes in order to move on to our next chapter we have to be pushed out of our old.  Wendy is moving […]

Weatherman Fired For Racial Slur But Bernice King Say’s He Shouldn’t Be!? [VIDEO]

A weatherman is seeing cloudy skies with thunderstorms after he made a slip of his icy tongue and spit out a racial slur. Chief meteorologist, Jeremy Kappell, of a NBC station in Rochester was fired on Monday for saying “Martin Luther Coon Park” during a live broadcast when referring to a park in New York named […]

EX Today Show Anchor Matt Lauer Finally Breaks His Silence [VIDEO]

Finally after 5 months Ex-Today Show anchor Matt Lauer breaks his silence. Matt Lauer has acknowledged that he acted “inappropriately” while he was a “Today” show host, but denied reports of “coercive, aggressive or abusive actions.” This was in a statement made to the Washington Post . Check out the video here

RHOA Kenya Moore Is Reassuring Fans She Is Not Going Anywhere [VIDEO]

Kenya is taking to social media to reassure fans she is not going anywhere…check out the video here

James Woods Thinks Matt Lauer Was Fired Over Money!!?? [VIDEO]

Actor and right-wing provocateur James Woods has a theory that Lauer might have actually been canned as a money-saving measure. Woods tweeted “Are big corporations using these unsubstantiated allegations as an easy way to dump expensive star contracts?” …check out the video here

Matt Lauer Has Been Fired After Sexual Misconduct Review [VIDEO]

According to NBC website, Matt Lauer, the anchor of “Today” for two decades, was fired by NBC News after a detailed complaint about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. Check out the video here

Hazel E Booted From LHHH [VIDEO]

I guess LHHH will not tolerate anymore of Hazel E’s rants…check out the video here

Trump Has Fired FBI Director Comey…Was This A Good Move? [VIDEO]

President Trump without any political background has came into office and made some extreme moves. Yesterday he fired the director of the FBI James Comey. Is President Trump doing too much right away?

Ohio Preschool Teacher Fired For Dragging a Child [VIDEO]

A Ohio preschool teacher is being fired for dragging a child…see video here

FOX Analyst Bill O’Reilly Has Been Given The Boot [VIDEO]

Fox  has severed ties with Bill O’Reilly following probe into allegations of sexual harassment…see video here