R Kelly’s Child Jaya Kelly AKA Jaah Drops a Diss Track [VIDEO]

Greatness is formed in DNA and it appears that the greatness of story telling in R Kelly’s music has been passed down to his seed. Robert Kelly and Drea Kelly’s child, Jaya Kelly, who is now known as, Jaah, has dropped a sample music diss track.  Jaah says since the airing of ‘Surviving R Kelly’ […]

You Had Questions, Now Drea Kelly Is Answering Them!! [VIDEO]

After millions watched ‘Surviving R Kelly’, 90% of those millions of viewers had questions, of that 90% probably 89% probably had questions for R. Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea Kelly. Especially after a Facebook Live video surfaced of Drea Kelly surfaced with what appeared to be Drea Kelly jammin to her babies daddy song “Happy People” and […]

Lifetime Movie “Surviving R. Kelly” Screening Evacuated [VIDEO]

A special screening of the Lifetime Movie documentary “Surviving R. Kelly” had to be evacuated because somebody decided that their “…Mind was telling them NO 🎶” and they decided to call in and say if they kept on playing the documentary they were gonna go “Shoot’em up Movies 🎶” except they weren’t coming to fall […]

My, My, My, Drea Kelly Remixed R. Kelly’s 19 Minute ‘I Admit’ Song [VIDEO]

I guess Drea Kelly took away some skills of “THE REMIX” from ex-husband R. Kelly when they divorced. Drea Kelly took to her Instagram to remix R. Kelly’s 19 minute song “I Admit“. Check it out here   THE REMIX: Admit it Admit it Admit it Your mama IS watching over you And rolling over […]

Drea Kelly Goes In Deep And Talks Her Healing After R Kelly [INTERVIEW]

Drea Kelly sits down and talks about how her children were affected by the R Kelly storms and life/healing after R. Kelly. Check out the video here