Donald Trump Inflatable In A KKK Robe Appears At A Rally (VIDEO)

Donald Trump Inflatable In A KKK Robe Appears At A Rally…see video

Donald Trump May Be In Legal Trouble Over Illegal Use Of Group “Queens” Music (VIDEO)

Donald Trump walked on stage to Queen’s famous hit “We Are The Champions”, only problem is the legendary music group says they did not give him permission to do that…check out the video

Donald Trump Thinks Women Who Have Abortions Should Be Punished?? (VIDEO)

Donald Trump just keeps pushing that “DOING TOO MUCH” envelope.  He now feels that women who have abortions should be punished?  check out the video

Chicago Protestors Protestors Speak: Donald Trump Shut Himself Down (VIDEO)

Chicago Protestors say that it was Donald Trumps choice to not excersise his rights…check out the video

Stacey Dash Thinks Your Missing The Boat On Trump (VIDEO)

Stacey Dash explains what your missing about Donald Trump…check out the video

Chicago Protestors Shut Donald Trump Rally Down

Chicago protestors let their voice known and shut down Donald Trumps rally at a west Chicago University…check out the video

Tamar Braxton Went In On Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Tamar Braxton has a political view and it’s a straight shot with no chaser. So after these comments I don’t think she will be voting for Donald Trump…check out the video

Charles Barkley Goes In On Donald Trump And CNN

Everybody knows that Charles Barkley always speaks whats on his mind.  Whether you like it or not.  No-one gets sheltered from his comments not even his employers.   He is the king of keeping it REAL!!  Sir Charles had something to say about the recent trending topic of Donald Trump and laid a slap down […]

Has Donald Trump Finally Gone Too Far? Calling For A Ban Of Muslims Entering The US

Has Donald Trump finally gone too far??  GOP candidate Donald Trump is calling for a ban on all Muslims entering the US…see video

Donald Trump Compares Ben Carson To A Child Molester

Starting TODAY there needs to be a gag order put on ALL candidates for GOP Presidential Nomination. The mud slinging and buffoonery that has been going on is at a kindergarten low. Not just by one, but by all. Pretty soon the 360 that the President Obama campaign made on people coming out to the […]