Presidents Bush’s Funeral Brought About Unusual Presidential Greetings [VIDEO]

Former President George Bush was laid to rest today with a eulogy given by his son former president George W Bush that spoke a message of how his father managed our country by having kindness for all man kind, a message that all could take to heart and learn from. But that was before the […]

Omarosa Says Donald Trump is Trying to Start a Race War [VIDEO]

Former White House Counselor Omarosa says Trump is not only a racist, he’s trying to start a race war!? Check out the video here

Kanye West Goes Silent On Jimmy Kimmel Over Donald Trump Question [VIDEO]

How do you get Kanye West to stop taking? Ask him does he think his boy Donald Trump care about black people at all. Check out the video here

This Is America: Don Lemon Shows Trump “Who’s The Dummy” [VIDEO]

Donald Trump came for Don Lemon with ignorance then Don Lemon responded to President Donald Trump’s personal attack on himself and LeBron James, saying “referring to African-Americans as dumb is one of the oldest canards of racism in this country.” Check out take The Don take Trump to school here

Don Lemon CRUSHED Pastor John Gray For Defending Trump!! [VIDEO]

Pastor John Gray defended Donald Trumps leadership and CNN’s Don Lemon let him have it. Check out the video here

Pastor Darrell Scott: Trump Is The ‘Most Pro-Black President’ We’ve Had!? [VIDEO]

Pastor Darrell Scott said Wednesday during a White House gathering of faith leaders that he thinks President Trump will be “the most pro-black president” in his lifetime. Check out the video here

Don Lemon Says Trump Went From Alpha Dog To Lap Dog??!! [VIDEO]

Don Lemon went in on President Trump saying he went from Alpha Dog To Lap Dog after he publicly sided with Russia President Vladimir Putin who denies any involvement in the 2016 US election. Check out the video here

Michael Eric Dyson on Trump Poll, If It Looks Like a Duck and Sound Like A Duck?!…[VIDEO]

You know if it Looks Like a Duck and Sound Like A Duck, then?! Author Michael Eric Dyson, responds to a new Quinnipiac University poll that reports 49% of Americans said they believe President Donald Trump to be a racist while 47% believe he is not, Trump talks like a racist, thinks like a racist. […]

Don Lemon Goes In On New York Post for ‘SEXIST’ “Kim Thong Un” Cover Photo [VIDEO]

The New York Post published an Oval Office photo of President Donald Trump meeting Kim Kardashian with a headline of “Kim Thong Un” and referred to the meeting as “The Other Big Ass Summit” on its front page well CNN’s Don Lemon found it sexist and went in on The NYP. Check out the video […]

Chance the Rapper Steps Away From Kanye??!! [VIDEO]

In a tweet on Friday, Chance the Rapper distanced himself from Kanye West’s vocal support of President Donald Trump. Check out the video here