Donald Trump Retweets Bill Clinton Had Something To Do With Epstein’s Death!?

Jeffrey Epstein an alleged sex trafficker that was selling off girls as young as 14 years old to his rich homies.  This wasn’t the first time he was legally called to the carpet for trafficking charges.  Jeffrey Epstein allegedly tried to kill himself weeks ago but some alleged that it was prisoners coming for him. […]

Trump Send Prayers To The Lives Lost In TOLEDO!!??

Everyone makes mistakes, however when it comes to something as heinous as what happened to the innocent people that lost their lives lost this past weekend in Dayton, OH as well as their families that are hurting this morning, looking for comfort in some kind of way, then the President of The United States, Donald […]

13 Hours of Blood Shed, 29 Dead: What Is Trump Responsibility? [VIDEO]

The mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and in Dayton, Ohio that started at a Walmart yesterday morning continued for 13 hours leaving at least 53 injured and 29 dead.  A day of senseless blood shed that have left countless in grief, morning and fear, searching for answers why in 2019 do innocent people have […]

President Trump Is Trying To Defend Being Called Racist [VIDEO]

President Trump went in on 4 minority congresswoman recently, telling them that they need to go back to were they come from.  Then he gave the craziest press conference ever explaining how his African American friends reached out to him to help rapper ASAP Rocky.  Then not long after that he made it point to […]

Grant Hill Say’s Trump’s Attacks Are Unconscionable !! [VIDEO]

Former NBA great and husband of R&B singer Tamia, Grant Hill, sat down with CNN’s Van Jones and talked about President Trumps most resent attacks on the city of Baltimore. And Grant Hill kicked some serious eloquent knowledge on the presidents hateration words. President Trump recently made comments attacking U.S. Representative for Maryland’s 7th congressional […]

Trump Say’s He Has Got The Black Vote For 2020!? Is He Right? [VIDEO]

Education, education, education, it’s 2019 and it’s a must that we educate ourselves and exercise our right to vote. President Donald Trump is claiming that he has done so much to improve things for the economy as well as African Americans that he knows that black has got his back. In a live televised video […]

Trump Has Gone To Bat For ASAP Rocky But Sweden Say’s Ummm No [VIDEO]

We reported that rapper ASAP Rocky has been locked up in a Swedish jail without formally being charged for over 2 weeks following a street fight that the rapper was allegedly involved in. ASAP Rocky say’s he acted in self defense. The case has caught the attention of newly prison activist Kim Kardashian-West as well […]

Trump Say’s His Homies Asked So He’s Down To Help Rapper ASAP Rocky!?

President Trump held a press conference today saying that the African American people that are his friends reached out to him to help rapper ASAP Rocky that has been held in a Swedish jail for 2 weeks without charges following a street fight. Here is the press conference translation: Trump say’s that his homies have […]

Congresswomen Responds To Trumps Racist Tweets With Big Ole Words!! [VIDEO]

Not everyone uses Sunday as the day to get their spirit right for the coming up week, some use the Lord’s day to raise all kinds of Hell while feeding their hellish spirit. With that being said this past Sunday, President Donald Trump, leader of the free world decided that it would be okay to […]

Roland Martin Deconstructed Paula White’s Prayer For Trump [VIDEO]

Roland Martin say’s Pastor Paula say’s her prayer was taken out of content the first time when she opened in prayer for Donald Trump the first time. Roland say’s cool I’ll give you that, this time. But Paula White opened Donald Trump’s reelection campaign rally on Tuesday night with a prayer that targeted “every demonic […]